Thursday: Turkish get-ups, Farmers Carry, Toes to Ring…Oh My!

Skill Work:

Spend the first 10-15 Min working on Turkish Get-ups with either a Dumbbell or Kettlebell.
Try both legs, and different weights.

Watch Jeff Malone explain the Turkish Get-ups


3 Rounds

(I changed the number of rounds so that you are able to finish the workout without feeling rushed.  Great job to those who finished 4 rounds!)
NOT for time

  • Farmers Carry around the building (M-45 W-30)
  • 5 Turkish Get-ups on each side**
  • 15 Toes to rings

**You choose the weight. Choose a challenging weight that allows you to perform the movement effectively and safely.

Again this wod is not timed, focus on doing the movements correctly.

Record weight used for the WOD.

20 thoughts on “Thursday: Turkish get-ups, Farmers Carry, Toes to Ring…Oh My!

  1. LOVE seeing a “not for time” wod! Sometimes the best thing to think about is 1) just finishing; and 2) doing every movement to the best standard possible. Have fun with these, everyone! TGUs are a GREAT exercise.

  2. 2 rnds @ 45# FC, 25# TGU
    During the 2nd FC I readjusted my grip only to destroy a blood blister on my left hand, so I spent the rest of the class doing doing sets of those crazy banded situps. CrossFail.

    Great work to the rest of the 9:30 class who kept going!

  3. 4 rds – 26# FC, 20# TGU, switched to t2b after 1st round. Thanks to Lauren and Joyce for going the distance with me!!

  4. 3 rounds @25#FC; 20#TGU then 25#TGU for round 3; toes to rings

  5. 3 rounds: 20# FC then 15# FC for rounds 2-3; 20# TGU, toes to rings

  6. 3 rds – 20# FC, 20# tgu, 10 reps toes to rings

  7. 3 rnds: 20# FC, 15# TGU, 10 K2E

  8. Turkish Get-Ups at 35, 45, 53, and 70# per arm
    Also lots of gymnastics static holds (L-sit, levers, and planche variations)

  9. 4 rnds around 27 minutes Rx weight…So hard to slow down and not focus on time…Go..GO..Go….

  10. 3 rounds 30# then 20#, 20# FC; TGU 10# then 15#,15#, toes to rings RX; 25:02

  11. 3 rounds: 25# FC, 20# TGU

  12. 4rnds rx. 35# on the gu

  13. Crazy fun in Athens…
    100 burpees (jumping up onto a 20kg plate just like at Regionals), BUT on the bottom of each minute complete 5 thrusters (40/30kg). Start with thrusters.

    12:59rx (oh yes I snuck that final burpee in there!)

  14. 3 rds w/25# carry, 26# tgu

  15. 3 rds: 25# FC, 15# TGU

  16. 4 rds @ 35# TGU

  17. 4 rounds, 26# gu, 30# carry. 26:19

  18. 3 rounds: carry 30, 25, 20#, TGU 13#, T2R more interpretive than inspiring…. a few knee raises in there.

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