Saturday Fight Gone Bad Schedule!

Hello everyone, Saturday is an international fundraiser run by CrossFit people. You can head over to the official website to figure out more details.

We are going to be doing fight gone bad, but we are raising money for the Boys and Girls Club of Charlottesville. Suggested donation is $20.  Anyone can show up on Saturday starting at 11AM. We will have a heat sign up sheet in the gym and kick things off at 11:15AM. Warm ups are on your own and heat assignments are first come first serve. We will shut things down around 12:30.

All regular classes are cancelled. There are no intro classes or on ramp classes on Saturday.  On Ramp people are welcome to join fight gone bad.

14 thoughts on “Saturday Fight Gone Bad Schedule!

  1. Is there still Oly lifting tomorrow?

  2. Devon- No lifting class. Thanks!

  3. Is this open to the public? I.e: Can I bring a friend?

    1. yes sure as long as they make a donation

  4. FGB: 285 (-23 from PR)

    Done at Sea City CF in Corpus Christi.

  5. FGB: 84/85/86 = 255 rx

    held back way too much, thought we were going 5 rounds for some reason and was pacing myself (glad we didn’t go 5 though, it wouldn’t have been a pretty sight)

  6. 136, 135, 125 = 396… PR by 30

  7. 145/115/100 = 360 Rx’d

  8. Out of town, so we unfortunately had to miss FGB.

    Instead, we did Annie in my parents’ attic:
    8:49 Rx

  9. Did Annie in an attic over a bar! (that just doesn’t sound right…)
    10:01 Rx because I suck at situps 😛

  10. 111, 90, 85- 286 (subbed pushups instead of shoulder press)

  11. Also strangely convinced it was a 5-round FGB so didn’t pace accordingly. Total 198. As Taylor reassured me, it makes for an easy PR next time.

    Good job, Brice! Thanks for being my partner!

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