Tuesday: Handstand walks and a 1.5 mile run

Spend the first 10-15 minutes working on handstand walks or shoulder touches

* Shoulder touches-kick up into a handstand up against the wall, first take your right hand and touch your right shoulder, then switch so that your left hand touches your left shoulder.  This is a quick, light tap and then switch.


1.5 mile run

Compare to May 3, 2011

22 thoughts on “Tuesday: Handstand walks and a 1.5 mile run

    1. Thank you for putting this up!

  1. handstand walks – about 20 ft. 3x
    run – 14:29 one loop
    3 rounds: 10 shoulder touches each hand, 10 molotov sit-ups (sorry, tom, i forgot the name again?)

    1. I think I like calling them molotov situps 🙂

  2. handstand walks w/ support- 20 ft. (3) Need work on core…
    run- 11:53
    3 rounds: situps w/ band + lifting hands off floor during handstand (10)

  3. 10 minutes / 1.7-mile course = 5:53 / mile pace

  4. Handstands: mostly worked on handstand holds with a few perilous shoulder touches
    WOD: 12:02

  5. Wall walks, practiced free standing handstands, got one solid free standing headstand!
    WOD: 12:12

  6. Not much luck with the upside-down stuff… Tried the frog pose for a while since I have a mental block about this.

    WOD: 11:58

  7. 3 rounds: handstand walks, 10 somolon(?) sit ups w/ green band

    WOD – 13:47

  8. 1 attempt handstand walk down length of mat and back halfway without dropping. messed around with some static handstand holds and more walking
    Run: 9:57 (-15 sec from last time)

  9. worked on headstand and handstand against wall,

    WOD: 6x200m (32,34,34,33,33,32sec)

    post WOD: (form work) HPC: 5×2 (135#), PC: 5×2 (135#)

  10. 5 rounds of shoulder touches (alternated kicking up and walking belly up to wall)

    Run: 12:13 (23 second PR)
    My legs feel like jello from yesterday…

  11. Some handstand walk practice. Couldn’t make it more than 5 paces or so before reversing…

    WOD: 11:31

  12. home WOD

    100 pushups with 10 broomstick OHS at start and on every minute


    1. same wod, 5:57

  13. 3-4 rounds of wall handstands/shoulder touches and molotov sit-ups

    WOD: 12:10

    1. nice job on the hand stands!

  14. “Annie on Steroids”
    50 DUs/sit-ups
    1 BW* C&J
    40 DUs/sit-ups
    2 BW C&Js
    30 DUs/sit-ups
    3 BW C&Js
    20 DUs/sit-ups
    4 BW C&Js
    10 DUs/sit-ups
    5 BW C&Js

    12:13 — 1st round 60kg C&J, rest of the C&Js at 55kg (BW = 65kg*), and only broke once on the DUs during the round of 40.

    *so I never really know how to do ‘rx’ for women when it comes to ‘BW’ lifts. It always poses the following conundrum: normally the ‘rx’ women’s weight is 70% of the men’s weight. So when it comes to “BW” as the weight, does that mean ‘rx’ for women is actual ‘BW’ (seems a bit unfair to me…), or does it mean ‘70% of BW’, OR does it mean ‘70% of your average CF guys’ BW’? If it’s any of the 70% answers, then my weight was either rx (70% of the 80kg some of the guys were doing) or above rx (since 70% of MY bodyweight would only have been 45kg). In any case I dropped after the first round for fear of hurting my shoulders on the following jerks.

    Then I introduced the Athens CF box to the wonderful world of Sotts Press and TGUs.

  15. 10:33. made up this week

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