49 thoughts on “Thursday: “Annie”

    1. You achieved your goal of kicking this WOD’s butt in under 7 minutes – woo hoo!

  1. WOD: 11:25 RX
    Finally got those double unders (every other jump). Chris your instruction was very helpful!

      1. Thanks Andrea!

  2. WOD: 8:23 RX and a PR!

  3. WOD- 9:37 RX and PR!

  4. 6:40 rx (2:10 faster than last summer)

  5. 8:41 Rx (Pr by 1:20 since Sunday πŸ˜› )
    Not a great DU day, and I’m still super slow on sit ups, sigh

  6. Worked to a 1RM Jerk: 200# PR 5# First time working heavier weight overhead in a long long time

    Annie: 6:04 rx. PR by 1:25

    1. *Situps were anchored and all chest to thigh

  7. 7:21 Rx (PR by 1:28 from 4 days ago)

    Not sure if it was the Abmat, the loud music, or just the general gym environment that made me go faster, but I’ll take it. πŸ™‚

  8. 6:44 Rx (PR by 3:38)

    1. How on earth did you shave off 3 1/2 minutes? Did you eat a sandwich between rounds the first time? πŸ˜›

      1. by only breaking double unders 10-15 times instead of 50+ times

  9. 5:46 (-1:08 from last time)
    insanely happy with this

    1. You are ridiculous!! This is awesome!! I have no idea how you did it! That ab mat made my sit up’s so much more difficult!
      Amazing job!!

      1. Thanks!!! πŸ™‚ Glad you got a huge PR too!
        This is done by 1. Having a good double-under day, and 2. anchoring your feet, which I did last time too. The anchors also keep the abmat from scooting around for me somehow.

      2. Seriously, Hillary way to go!!!

  10. WOW!!! Great job on the PR’s everyone!

  11. I finished the wod. Forgot to look at the time, really frustrating one for me today, just glad i finished it.

    Thanks dave for the help.

    1. 11ish. Great job! You definitely got stronger today and incidentally are my hero πŸ™‚

  12. WOD: 5:37 rx……PR by 30 seconds

  13. was waiting for Brice to put his up, since I finished right behind him….

    Press: 89, 111, 111 (sets of 5)
    PP/Jerk: 111 (3×3)

    WOD: 13:40 rx (mental break down on the du’s about half way through cost me a few min)

    1. haha wasn’t sure if I was going to put mine up after seeing these other times

      1. Our trainer shouldn’t have made us do tire flips, they obviously wore us out. haha

      2. Ask and you shall receive Alex and Brice.

        ..In other words, you’re welcome.

  14. 11.05 – tried for DU’s and got a few (mostly by luck), tripled the remaining jumps

  15. practiced hitting my shoe with the f’ing rope for 9:58

  16. 9:14 w/su’s
    it was pointed out to me the other day that what I thought was my du’s – was really not πŸ™ so will be practicing du’s daily

    Congrats on all the PR’s! awesome job everyone!!!

  17. 6000 m row: 27 and change. Kinda sorry I missed out on this one…

  18. (on Friday, another “Annie” wod! First…
    “Mamacas” — 100 Tabata backsquats 40/30kg. 4:19rx
    then immediately after do …)

    5:23 rx
    (huge ol’ PR of 1:11 since a month ago in the Berlin hotel room. Un-anchored sit-ups)

  19. these times are incredible! you guys are super heros!

    wod: 12:38 (ugly DU/SU mix), saturday 8am was unfriendly to me…

    1. Jenny the very first time I did “Annie” my time was 12:30ish. Don’t worry, as the DUs get better your time will almost be cut in half, I promise!

  20. 5:54 Rx
    (anchored chest to thigh sit-ups)

  21. 6:13 rx (+1:23 pr)

  22. 7:01 Rx (20 sec PR)

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