Tuesday: Gymnastics Day

Use the first 10-15 minutes to warm up on handstands.  Practice your shoulder taps from last week and walking as well.


4 Rounds

  • 20-foot handstand walk or 20 shoulder taps
  • 3 Muscle ups or 3 Ring rows/3 dips=1 MU

Again this WOD is not for time, so focus on the skills and work on your technique.

24 thoughts on “Tuesday: Gymnastics Day

  1. Andrea, this looks awesome! I’m definitely going to try and channel some Gretchen mojo and do this after today’s wod in Athens.

  2. Would anyone be interested in running the Blue Ridge Burn this year? I signed up a while ago but something has come up so I’m looking for someone to take my place.

    Info here: http://blueridgeburn.eventbrite.com/

    I did the run last year and it was a lot of fun! Definitely a challenge – a good run to prepare you for the Tough Mudder. Email me at jenni.gabriela@gmail.com

  3. 20ft handstand walk; 3 muscle up attempts (tired).
    got through two rounds then ripped my cindy-tender hands doing a bar mu
    so did 2 more handstand walks and then stopped.

  4. Worked on wall walks and kicking into handstand (Thanks for all the tips Gretchen!); “Rowing MU” into ring dip with toes on a box

    Made good progress on my handstand kicks until crashing through the wall…

    1. its barely noticeable…. 😉

  5. did it for time because i’m lame: 3:06 or something

  6. finally got some kick ups into handstands done today, and did about 10 HSPU with 3 ab mats, and about 2-3 HSPU with 2 mats.

    so happy to finally get this skill. honestly would still be struggling with this had we not set some dedicated time to work on it the past few weeks. it made a huge difference!

  7. Also did it for time because i taught Kyle how to be lame.

    4:45 or something – but that includes gawking time at Jessalyn as she did all of the walks unbroken – even going back to restart on the last one at least three times when she didn’t make it all the way. And her hand tears were Narsty!

  8. handstand walks and a mix of muscle up progressions on the rings/bar muscle ups with the red band

    …hope that foot feels better Kim 🙁

  9. 1) 5 wall walks
    2, 3) 20 shoulder taps (on wall)
    4) 20ft handstand walk (on wall)

    3 strict MU per round

    1. sideways HS walks against a wall are amazo

      1. plz dont make fun of my WOD scaling

  10. Worked on kicking up to handstands. Probably got about 50% of them, but the ones I got felt pretty solid. Also, did some ring rows and ring dips with toes on a box behind me.

  11. Did it for time as well, but unlike Kyle I’m not lame: 2:18

    Also maxed my BS: 154 (didn’t try higher but felt like I *maybe* coulda made one more 5lb jump)

      1. I knew you’d be more than me! Nice work!

  12. Also did it for time: 2:31 and did 3 of the 4 handstand walks “unbroken”. Definitely more of a shoulder wrecker than I thought!

  13. Practiced kicking up into handstands and balancing away from the wall when I could. Also shifted weight from one shoulder to the other. Muscle up progression work with bands and various other methods Chris showed us – thanks!!

  14. WOD #1:
    4 rounds (2 minute rest b/t rounds)
    20 wallballs (20#/14#)
    20 tire jumps (just over 24″, full hip extension at top)
    20 ring dips (I subbed parallette dips so I could do the full # of reps… but last round NFROM)
    20 KB swings (2/1.5 pood)

    WOD #2:
    recovery 2k row (suggested split time: 1:50/500m… hahahahahahah NO)
    8:56, nice and easy, averaged 2:13/500m split with about 23s/m pace. Tortoise and hare example here, since the guys tried for the suggested split time, ended up more like 2:00/500m, and had to take a break after 1000m. Finally they got back on the rowers and finished.

    WOD #3 (the above HS walk/ MU wod!… not for time)
    round 1: HS walk 20ft (could only walk about 3 steps at a time in control, so it was slow going, but it was in control!); 9 MU rows, focus on hollow core and false grip and fast transition
    round 2: 20 shoulder taps (belly facing wall), 3 strict MUs with a band
    round 3: 20ft HS walk (much better this time), 9 MU rows
    round 4: 20 shoulder taps (belly facing wall), 3 MU attempts the ‘legit’ way (my feet did NOT rise above my head)
    Then spent a lot of time doing this progression http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqk6ORxKzLo&edit=ev&feature=uenh as per George’s instruction on MU progressions, but it was just too easy even after all the RDs and shoulder work. But I gotta say trying MU negatives on the rings is pretty hard (for me).

  15. WOD @ home (not for time): 4 rd: Press 65lb x3, 9 dips, 9 rows. Wasted upper body from Monday. Jeez.

  16. 2 rds of shoulder taps then some handstand walk practice. Mostly jumping MU & reg MU attempts.

    To Kim (and the broken wall I suppose): Get well soon!

  17. Practiced getting out of handstands and wall climbs more gracefully than my typical flop to the ground. Was able to get my hands all the way up to the wall w wall climbs, got a hand off the ground a couple times, but can’t get it anywhere near my shoulder yet.

    Practiced the most basic elements of muscle up movement. Over and over. Thanks to Chris for his patience with me on this one!

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