30 thoughts on “Wednesday: 5k Run or Row

  1. 27:45 nice & easy fit into my ankle rehab 🙂

  2. 5k row: 16:55 – foolishly thought I could do the 5k run afterward but halfway through I knew that wasn’t happening. Within a minute of finishing i broke my “throwing up in xfit” cherry. Pleased with the effort and the time, though. Pretty sure I now have the capacity to do the 2k row in about 6:10.

  3. 26:54 (PR by 54 seconds)

    Considering my calf is still a bit sore, I’m pretty happy with this. This 5K definitely hurt the most, though. Looking forward to buying new shoes next month!

  4. 24:51 Run (PR by 0:56 since April)

  5. I mapped out a 5k around grounds today.
    Although its not a great time, I’m pretty happy. This is the first time I have run a longer distance since joining the gym, and I felt much better throughout the run (even post Cindy/DL) than I ever would have in May. 🙂

    1. Awesome job!! congratulations!

  6. 5000K Row: 19:56

  7. 23:35 5k Row, first time

  8. Wasn’t able to make it to class so did on the treadmill:

  9. 28:40 run (PR 1:23 since April) 🙂
    extremely happy with this since it was pitch dark in some areas which I felt had slowed me down a little

  10. I was sick Monday and Tuesday, and today I’m traveling. So I made up a hotel special: 8 minutes AMRAP 15 air squats, 10 situps, 5 pushups. I made 6 rounds and 2 air squats 🙂

  11. 28:40 run (PR 1:23 since April) 🙂
    extremely happy with this since it was dark in some areas of the course which I felt had slowed me down a little!

  12. 5.5 miles with a friend: about 44 minutes

  13. Run: 20:31 ( I think this is a life PR for me)

  14. On Thursday, something a little similar…

    2k row
    200 DUs
    1k row
    100 DUs
    500m row
    50 DUs

    23:50 rx (kept a nice and easy 2:10/500m split for all of the rows which really helped when it came time for the DUs)

  15. 21:46 on 2/17/12

  16. 19:11 row on 11/6/13

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