Thursday: All about the core!


1 min Superman hold (Accumulative time)
Hill Sprint to the top of the hill across from the picnic benches at Beer Run
25 Sit ups
Hill Sprint
25 V-ups
Hill Sprint
25 Sit ups
Hill Sprint
1 min Superman hold (Accumulative time)

20 min cut-off

Superman hold-it may be easier to face the clock while doing this (ex. if you take a break at 37 sec. that’s fine, but you still have to hold your superman for an accumulated 23 sec. before you can run.)

23 thoughts on “Thursday: All about the core!

  1. hotel wod –
    4 rounds:
    15 air squats
    25 sit ups
    20 lunges
    10 HOG push ups

  2. “Testo” (aka “Diane sandwich with mile bread”)
    run 1600m
    DL (100/70kg)
    run 1600m

    21:44 rx

  3. 14:34

  4. Kudos to the noon class for not only having exquisite form on the core work, but also running ALL THE WAY to the sign on top of the hill. Phew…

  5. 9:40 – I ran almost to the train tracks the first one, not knowing the turn-around was earlier.

  6. No energy or time for sprints today, so:

    Front Squat 85 lb x5
    25 sit up
    FS x5
    25 sit up
    FS x 5
    25 Sit up
    DL x5 @135
    25 sit up
    DL x5 @ 155
    25 Sit up
    DL x 5 @ 175
    25 Sit up
    Press @ 55
    25 Sit up
    Press @ 60
    25 Sit up
    Press @ 65
    25 Sit Up.

    Not for time, but I didn’t stop moving.

  7. Hip was feeling a little sore today, subbed rowing on 2 plates with the damper at 9 for 400 m for each hill sprint.


  8. 14:01 (noon class 🙂 )

  9. 15:14. Still recovering from being sick all week, and my lungs definitely failed me on the hill sprints 🙁

  10. 13:22 i think

  11. Had to do early am WOD for travel reasons. Tried to re-create hill in the apt gym.
    Did supermans and abs as prescribed. Placed treadmill on a 14% grade, speed of 4.5 for 3-4 minutes to simulate sprint. 14:36

  12. 12:34(?) Rx’d

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