Thursday: “300”

Spend the first 10-15 minutes working on hip mobility.


  • 100 Wallball
  • 100 Calorie
  • 100 Toes to bar

You can break up the sets however you want.
(Ex. you can do 10 rounds of 10 reps or 5 rounds of 20 reps, or do all the wallballs then do all the rowing…you choose.)

-25 min cut off

28 thoughts on “Thursday: “300”

  1. Mudders!

    Do we have a theme in mind for costumes on Sunday? I’m sticking to mostly technical gear to make survival and speed a more likely outcome, but I’m sure we can come up with something clever to spice things up.


    Also, carpooling? I live south of town on the way to Route 6, the fastest way to the scene, and could give folks a ride out if anyone can commit to getting to the house by 7. We have to park remotely and take a bus up the mountain, unless I just say F it and drive up to the top and park up there anyway….

    Hit me on FB, for flywaldo “at”

  2. Finished about 2.5-3 minutes over the time limit. Got 100 wb (#14), 91 t2b & 75 cal before time ran out.

  3. 24:10 – 20# WB, 10T2B, 25 K2E, 65 hanging tucks

  4. 18:38 (sub airdyne for row)

  5. 24:23 (50 @ 8# WB, 50 @ 6# WB)

  6. 23:14 (14# WB, 50 T2B then 50 K2E-ish)

  7. Another announcement for Tough Mudder Carpooling:

    Some of us will be meeting in the CrossFit Charlottesville parking lot between 6 and 6:15 AM on Sunday morning to carpool. If you want to join up (either as passenger or driver) just be there and we can divy up into as few vehicles as possible. See you there!

    1. In. But man that is early!

      WOD: 21:07rx

  8. 23:41 (10# wb)
    Divided into 4 sets of 25 for everything, and totally ripped open my palms.

  9. 25:19 (12# wb mostly nfrom, reg t2b)

  10. DNF – at 25 minutes, had done all the rowing, 93 wallballs (8#), and 80 t2b/k2e/leg raises

  11. 22:15 (#8 WB, ~50 t2b and ~50 k2e)

  12. 21:53 (8#wb, t-nearish-b)

  13. Make-up Saturday: 26:20 rx ouch.

  14. Saturday: 26’ish Rx, subbed HOG pushups for T2B. did this in rounds of 50. paced myself with some breaks, could have gone quite a bit harder.

  15. 26:53 w/12# ball

  16. 24:54 (8# wb, t2b/k2eish)

  17. On Sat, subbed pull ups for wall balls to save the legs for the Mudder.

    Pull ups: 4:20
    Row: 5:30
    T2B: 10:08

  18. 25:00 (14# ball)
    Broken Up 25/25/25/25

  19. 22:50 (8# WB, k2e-ish)

  20. Almost puked after this one, great workout guys. I cant wait to open a membership this week

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