Monday: Push Press and C2BPull ups

Spend the first 10-15 min working up to 80% of your 1RM Shoulder Press. This will be your weight for the WOD.


4 Rounds

  • 1 Push Press*
  • 1 C2B Pull Up
  • 3 Push Press*
  • 3 C2B Pull ups
  • 5 Push Press*
  • 5 C2B Pull ups

*Push Press-Use 80% of your 1 rep Shoulder Press max for the weight for the wod.

30 thoughts on “Monday: Push Press and C2BPull ups

  1. What a great freakin day today guys and girls! I can barely walk, my knees are mostly without skin, and my lungs are scorched from the smoke, but wouldn’t have spent my Sunday any other way!

    Great job everyone, and thanks to Kyle, Scott, and Tom for pushing me to go fast!

    1. It was an awesome day! Team SHARK did a great job pulling up the rear with our awesome teamwork.

      Also, I can’t think of a better way to have ruined my right foot šŸ™‚

    2. Yes, upper body work only today please. šŸ˜€ Also, loved the post-race meal yesterday. More CrossFit social outings soon?

    3. Ah Yes!! Go Crossfit, and go Team Shark! I had an amazing time… minus the huge bump on my back and spine from the ‘Mystery Obstacle’. But it matches my knee’s and shins… and every part of my body that aches.
      Awesome Teamwork SHARKS!!!

      1. Our team name/call was the best. SHARKS foreva. I too have giant bruises from the mystery obstacle, not sure whether it’s more aptly called the “panic slide” or maybe the “bruise cruise”. I had a fantastic time, anyway!

      2. I really enjoy the “Bruise Cruise” name, since my elbow would completely agree. That said, I think “Panic Slide” is probably the most accurate šŸ™‚

      3. Such a great day. My parents were so impressed by all of you! I had so much fun with our team.

        My calves are killing me today from the hills and also my neck from hitting my head on the “bruise cruise/panic slide”. Great job team SHARKS

  2. Anxious to hear how the “Mudders” did!
    Shoulder Press 70lbs (Personal Best)
    WOD 6:35, PP 65#, C2B with BB

  3. Awww Tough Mudders!!! I can’t imagine all the fun times that took place this weekend! What lessons did you learn from it? I learned 2 good lessons of my own at my Greek CF competition: #1) learn how to ride a freaking bike already, because sometimes WODs include mountain biking (without helmets, because this is Greece); and #2) the best way to win a competition is to be the only person in your category. GOLD, BABY, GOLD. (Although, I would have finished up there with the top 5 guys, given the scores at the end of the day.) Still, good times! I want to see more Tough Mudder pics!!!

  4. sp: 133×2
    wod: 6:57 @ 110#; all good C2B except for 4 or 5 reps were only to collar

  5. WOD: 7:20, 50# pp, red band c2bs – advantage of having a terrible max press is this wasn’t too bad

  6. WOD: 6:51 (62#, BB C2B (1x), GB C2B (3/5x))

  7. WOD: 8:30, 95#; mostly good C2B until the end. body isn’t used to finishing a WOD in under 10min! could have gone a bit harder.

  8. 7:56 (57#, bb (1x,3x), gb (5x))

  9. 9:48? Red band and 77# OHS (my lower back has been injured from overextending on push press when the weight catches)

  10. 4:55 at 133#

  11. SP: 111#
    WOD: 9:33 (111# 1 round, 77 3 rounds)

  12. 7:14 at 77#

  13. 7:33 Rx @ 126#

  14. 3:37 rx at 131#

  15. 5:00 @ 111#, strict PU

  16. 8:21 @ 57#, bb
    lost time with being far away from the pu bars and not having much bar space in general

  17. Saturday make-up: 4:07 rx (60# as my max SP is cr@p)

  18. 6:04 rbpu, 47# (need to work on form at full extension)

  19. On Saturday:
    5:54 Rx Weight (67#) and regular pull ups… also, Lederhosen and Hat šŸ™‚

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