21 thoughts on “Friday: Double Unders and Sumo Deadlift High Pull

  1. hey, did that picture change?

  2. Any tips for where to buy a good kettlebell and not pay too much for shipping?

    1. wait till superfit 2012 and the supplier will hopefully bring them

  3. 6:38 (45# kb, 150 su’s-sub for 50 du’s)

  4. 6:58 (scaled to 15-12-9 reps @45# kb)

  5. 7:30 70lb kb; subbed 25 du’s for 50 since I didn’t want to do 18 sets of 3. started stringing them together a lot more fluently after the wod when i shortened my rope. must get better.

  6. 5:08 with 70# KB, subbed 1:00 max effort Airdyne for DUs (about 54 calories total)

    First day back after Tough Mudder and my toe is almost back to 100%… still trying to avoid jumping and running activities for a little while though.

  7. 5:31 Rx
    48/50 unbroken in last rnd

  8. 4:11 (53# kb)

  9. 9:45 (65 # bar) bummer- thought 65 was RX….what’s wrong with me????

  10. Used two 53-lb kettlebells for Russian swings in place of SDHP, but then my jump rope broke mid-2nd round anyway. Including a minute of Kyle screwing my rope back together, 5:49.

  11. “Gorilla”
    1,2,3… 12 AMRAP
    Hang Power Clean
    60/50kg (ummm I really don’t understand why I had to do 50kg when the guys just did 60kg, but okay sure why not)

    7 full rounds plus 8 DLs, 8 HPCs, and 1 sh2oh rx

    Then more baby freezes and hand plants and inverts thanks to my breakdancing cousin’s awesome teaching (and patience).

  12. 5:59 (45# KB, ugly DUs)

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