New Speciality Classes with Speciality Trainers!!!

Hey everyone, I have an exciting announcement! We are launching three new speciality classes starting on Monday that are open to regular members. We are doing seven of each class to gauge interest and depending on which ones you like and attend, we will make them permanent additions to the gym in 2012. Each of these classes start on Monday and end by December 14th.

MovNat and Flow w/ Chris Garay on Mondays at 7:45PM

Chris Garay is a certified MovNat instructor and if you’ve ever wondered why he is contorting his body in weird ways or spinning in circles you want to take this class.  Watch this video or this video for the inspiration.

Mobility w/ Jason on Tuesdays at 7:45PM

Not doing your mobility homework? Ya, we thought so. Jason has overcome some pretty serious mobility limitations over the past two years and wants to share his knowledge with you. Spend some time listening to chill music, stretching, flossing and solving those pesky problems. If this class doesn’t get popular, we are doing you a disservice. Everyone should go to this one.

Gymnastic Basics w/ Gretchen on Wednesday at 7:45PM

Who better to teach gymnatics than a scholarship level division 1 gymnast and CrossFit Games competitor?  Gretchen will be teaching this class and if you are struggling with your kipping or muscle up, this is the class for you. Gretchen’s description follows:

The gymnastics class will start by focusing on the basic CrossFit gymnastics skills–pull ups, ring dips, muscle ups, hspu etc, by spending a lot more time emphasizing proper body positioning, safety, and various drills.There is a big fear factor in a lot of the gymnastics skills, and this class will help combat that in two ways. The first is exposure through continued repetition, and the second is understanding how to “bail” out of a move safely. Even without a gymnastics background, doing gymnastics is a lot less scary if you always know you have a safe exit strategy in case things go wrong.The class will also extend beyond basic CrossFit gymnastics and contain very basic tumbling and balancing work including press to handstands, forward and backward rolls (all varieties), learning the power hurdle for round-offs, and learning the beginning positions for handsprings and saltos.

3 thoughts on “New Speciality Classes with Speciality Trainers!!!

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to drop a quick note to further explain what “MovNat” and “Flow” mean.

    MovNat ( is Erwan Le Corre’s natural movement program based around 12 capacities for movement: walking, running, balancing, moving on all fours, jumping, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, swimming, and defense. The idea here is that these movements are primal, intuitive, universal, vital, practical, and adaptive. In other words, we will do a lot of fun, skill-based movement practices to get you moving more efficiently with less injuries and faster Fran times.

    The other aspect for this class, Flow, stems from my informal study of Ido Portal’s Floreio Art ( We will explore a variety of multi-planar movements on the ground and the wall, both right-side-up and upside-down. Think break-dancing combined with yoga, but Brazilian and more awesome.

    The bottom line is that these classes will be super fun and completely open to everyone here at the gym. This will be great for active recovery if you just did a WOD, and you could also scale up if you want this to be your intense workout for the day. Absolutely no experience is necessary, and I hope to see you on Monday nights! We’ll go 7:45 – 8:30 pm.


  2. These are going to be awesome!

  3. Hey guys! If you didn’t go to Jason’s mobility class last week GO THIS WEEK. It’s super important to mobilize your muscles and tissues after the beating they take at the gym, and it’s too easy to not do it on your own. Even if you think you’re flexible, go to it. If you know you have mobility issues, then why aren’t you going?

    Here in Greece I’ve shown the guys a lot of stretches and mobilization drills to do before and after WODs and lifting and they tell me every day how thankful they are for them and how much improvement they see in their lifts and everything because of them. One guy loved the PNF stretch SO MUCH that he flat out offered me 500 euros/month plus room and board to stay here and be his personal trainer/stretcher. Mobility is awesome, especially when you have it. So go and ‘be supple’ as KStar would say.

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