33 thoughts on “Wednesday: Pistol Practice and Run+Renegade Row

  1. We’re going to be focusing on Muscle Ups tonight during gymnastics class. I want to see some people do their first ones!!!

    1. That’s pretty freakin’ sweet 🙂

      1. Savvi is pretty bad-ass with the pistols. He got both legs with 10kg! http://vimeo.com/31851110

  2. Pistols: Got my first pistols, woo hoo!
    WOD: 12:26 (10#, mostly knee PUs, ouch)

    1. Awesome job Lex!

      Also, here’s a link to some videos from Ido Portal for the ‘shrimp’ exercise (one-legged squat with leg behind): http://idoportal.blogspot.com/2009/08/explosive-leg-workout.html This also has some of the jumping drills that we did on Monday in the MovNat / Flow class.

      1. Thanks Chris! The progression you went over was really helpful.

  3. Pistols:Savvi won’t have to worry about me for a while!
    WOD: 13:02 (20#, PU form started breaking down somewhere along the way.)

  4. WOD: 14:07 (12#)

  5. wod: 11:26 rx

    Chris – I think I left my DBs out at noon when I ran out for my call – sorry about that.

    1. Completely unacceptable Andy. 😀

      Also, I’ll be trying to do a pistol while standing on a kettlebell tomorrow at the noon class.

  6. pistols: ha. lots to work on.. but here is what we should all be aiming for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWvIu7s-vIM (it gets pretty rowdy about 2 mins in.. and then jaw dropping thereafter)

    wod: 11:38 (15#, mostly KPU)

  7. Pistols: apparently I just need to stretch my achilis/shins/quads a bit before I can do these. (right leg): 5 unbroken Rx, 3 unbroken with pvc over head
    (left leg…struggle with these): 2 unbroken Rx, 1 with pvc over head

    WOD: 14:30 I think (40#)….wow, goodbye arms

  8. Pistols were fun… mostly worked on flexibility and balance
    WOD: 17:17 @25#

    1. Also, rowed 250m for the run, not sure how that affected things

  9. Pistols-10#KB

    WOD 14:09 30# subbed row for run. My coordination is drastically reduced when the sun goes down.

    1. You don’t like falling into the potholes in the parking lot? It’s so much fun!

  10. 12:53 @ 20#

  11. 13:15 rx

    thanks for the muscle up tips tonight Gretchen!

  12. (at home) ~16:00 @15#, 350m runs

  13. 12:06 (25#)
    (for some reason had trouble counting reps….probably cause it hurt)

  14. 12:41 @ 15#, mostly knees

  15. 14:35(ish) @ 25#. Thanks for encouraging me to use the heavier weight, Jenny!

  16. 13:07 – #5lb weights [not enough #10/#12 weights in inventory!]

  17. Improvised in hotel gym:
    5 rounds –
    200m run
    20 pushups (16, 12, 16, 20)
    1 min. handstand hold (45 sec., 30 sec., 45 sec., 1:00)

    12: something plus a bunch of wasted time trying to reset the treadmill.

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