25 thoughts on “Tuesday: Goats! + Weighted sit-ups and Push ups

  1. 5×10 Dumbbell squats @100# – 60 second rest between sets

    WOD RX’d with 45# dumbbell on chest – 7:00

  2. 10:46, pull-ups instead of push-ups because chest is shot from bp. all pull-ups sets unbroken. thanks jason for the kipping tweak.

  3. 9:30 RX, 45 lb dumbbell instead of plate

  4. @ work: 6:55 @ 35#

  5. Went out for what I thought was going to be a nice 5k. Got totally lost, insisted on not turning around or asking for directions, as that road I saw on the map has to be ‘just around the corner’

    Ended up doing over 8.5 miles, finished in the dark. Not cool, but I’m sure I’ll laugh about it as soon as I can feel my legs again!

    1. I guess your hamstring is all better…

      1. Yes, it is. But now everything else hurts! Good thing I’ll have all day today to stock up on protein to heal up. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. 15:03 (20#, ~2.5 rounds unanchored, then ran and got some DBs so I could anchor. So much easier!)

  7. 13:45 >Rx

    situps – unanchored, 45# DB held horizontal just below shoulders
    parallette pushups

  8. 13:11 @25# unanchored

    Pistol work to start… balance needs work

  9. 12:49 @ 20# anchored, knee push-ups

  10. 11:35, didn’t have a weight so I did 20 regular SUs each round instead

  11. @ gym back home
    12:25 @ 25#

  12. negative pull-ups to start

    WOD: 11:28 (10k plate, unanchored, but can’t call it rx because my push ups were definitely getting ugly in the last rounds)

  13. WOD- 7:12 w/ 25# anchored!
    worked on kip handstand pu’s
    also, cleans
    also, mu’s

  14. 9:35 (25# anchored)

  15. DU’s to start & actually got 7 – on purpose!! The most so far!
    WOD: 11.08 with a 10kg plate and mostly knee push ups

  16. mix of mobility, a few mu drills, a few kipping hspus
    WOD: 7:39 (25# anchored)

  17. started w practice of something sort of resembling HSPU (thanks martha and hillary for the tips!); think there actually was some progress there 🙂

    WOD: 10:08 (20# anchored, KPU)

  18. 13:45 rx. I hate push ups and they hate me.

    1. Embrace the suck!

  19. 11:26 (30# anchored)

  20. 11:36 w. 25# dumbbell

    3×5 good mornings at 67#
    3×10 one legged lunges off a bench (R leg only)

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