Monday: 5 RM Back Squat and “Jackie”

Spend the firsts 10-15 minutes establishing a 5 RM backsquat


  • Row 1,000 Meters
  • 50 Thrusters (45# / 35#)
  • 30 Pullups

Compare to January 5, 2011


Join Chris for MovNat tonight at 7:45

-Tonight at MovNat and Flow Fundamentals we will warm up with some new partner drills courtesy of Exuberant Animal (think ropes, PVC pipes, and medicine balls), and then we will focus on Floreio. Our new move will be,”the role” and we will link that together with the QDR’s, Rotations, and Au Cortados we have previously learned. Again, no experience necessary, so come get some active recovery and play on tonight at 7:45 PM!

41 thoughts on “Monday: 5 RM Back Squat and “Jackie”

  1. about 1 week ago did a sort of double Jackie…

    run 1 mile
    100 thrusters (20/15kg)
    60 pull-ups

    20:02 rx

    1. BS: 92.5kg (no spotter so didn’t try for 95kg)

  2. BS: 87#(PR by10#)
    WOD: 11:38(15#Thrusters, 10rb/20gbPU)

  3. bs: 200×5
    wod: 7:34. unbroke till pu 27, then last 3 undehand

  4. bs 200 x 5 – it was a little light

    wod: 8:52 rx did the row in 3:01 cruising, unbroken thrusters, but the pull-ups took a while.

  5. BS @121#
    WOD 11:19 Rx

  6. Did this one a week ago at Crossfit Ktown, but hopefully I can better my time…

    12:07 at 45# for Thrusters… we will see

  7. 205# squat
    7:30 WOD, :17 PR

  8. BS: 291
    WOD: 6:22 rx

  9. 231#
    7:35 (FS for thrusters)

  10. BS: 111# (a little light)
    WOD: 12:38 (neg. PUs) – blerg.

  11. WOD first: 11:35 (BBPUs)
    BS: worked up to 111# before residual Filthy Fifty soreness got too painful

  12. BS: 205#

    Wod: 7:10 rx (1 min PR)

  13. BS: 177
    11:30ish (1/2 red pu’s)

  14. BS: 123
    WOD: 13:10 (35lb bar, 1/2 Blue pu, 1/2 red pu)

    First class since I got sick mid-October!

  15. BS: 200# was solid, last three reps of 220# were wobbly-kneed, get-out-of-the-hole struggles…i’m counting 200#

    WOD: 10:49 Rx

  16. BS: 165×5
    WOD: 10:54

  17. BS- 57# x 7, WOD: 11:13 (15# bar, 5RBPU, 15BBPU, 10GBPUs)

  18. BS: 155
    WOD: 9:49 rx

    Thanks for the squat analysis Dave!

  19. BS: 157# heaviest I’ve gone with Low Bar
    WOD: 12:35 Rx (first time Rx for Jackie)

  20. Morning PT: Row 15 min at 2:09 pace

    BS (staying light, trying to not favor my ankle) 111#

    WOD: 10:28 Rx

  21. BS: 133#
    WOD: 11:28 (neg. PUs)

  22. BS: 89! man.
    WOD: 11:something (ring rows)

  23. 275, 6:42.
    35, 15 thrusters. 8,12,10 on pullups. needs to be broken just once next time.

  24. 231 BS
    6:30 RX

  25. BS: 89
    WOD: 13:54 (37# for 25, 35# for 25, rbpu for 5, bbpu for 25)
    *1:30 slower than last time but did bands instead of rr’s

  26. 9:28, 45 #, whoops

  27. BS: 155
    WOD: 12:30 with a 35# bar, but I crapped out on the pullups (blue band) and finished sloppy on the rings.

  28. Off Topic: I wish we had a forum or mailing list or Google Groups or something so I could ask people advice, like what kind of shoes they like, or where is the best place to buy a jump rope around town, etc.

    1. Fun Idea!
      In the interim, feel free to pick out brains at the gym! These topics have come up in many a conversation and many of us have opinions on them.

      Shoes are a tricky and evolving topic, although the go-to seems to have always been “less is more.” So called “squishy” running shoes don’t offer transmission of force during lifts, and are typically not high on the list. I won’t pick a favorite, but some popular brands that offer “zero drop” are the Innov8, New Balance Minimus, Vibram 5-Finger and the classic Chuck Taylor. Do some research online and talk to people at the gym because everyone one of those listed can be seen walking around CrossFit Charlottesville. Also, traditional lifting shoes with a stiff heel are popular for certain WODs or strength days.

      Jump Ropes are also a sort of religion in CrossFit. I think the best bang for your buck will be found online. The next time we’re doing some DU practice (or just before/after the WOD) feel free to ask around and see if you can try out some ropes. I love my Rogue Ultra Speed Rope, but some folks prefer a weighted handle with spinning bearings.

      So yeah, the answers are long and complicated and there are many opinions out there. I can say for certain that your best bet is to do some research online and strike up conversation at the gym. Good luck!

  29. BS: 199×5
    WOD: 7:38 rx

  30. #221 bs, 10:40, 3 pull ups, 27 negatives

  31. wod (saturday make-up): 13:41, 25# / 30 negatives

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