Wednesday: Double Under+Box Jump+KB C&J AMRAP

Spend the first 10-15 minutes working on the KB clean and jerk.

AMRAP in 20 min of:

  • 50 Double Unders
  • 25 Box Jumps (M-24 W-30)
  • 15 KB Clean and Jerk Right Arm (M-53 W-36)
  • 15 KB Clean and Jerk Left Arm

**KB Clean and Jerk video

Don’t forget Gymnastics Class with Gretchen tonight at 7:45
We will continue working on basic tumbling skills. We are going to focus on the entry into tumbling skills and will go over the basic hurdle step for forward tumbling and the take-off and set position for backwards tumbling. We will also spend a little time working on some basic holds and pressing movements, in preparation for eventually doing presses to handstand. We’ll wrap up with a little bit more work on forward and backward rolls, and you’ll have some free time at the end to work on the skill of your choice.

23 thoughts on “Wednesday: Double Under+Box Jump+KB C&J AMRAP

  1. Girls are hating it on the box jumps!

  2. Cat’s running form in this photo is virtually perfect, although it does look like her left hand is a stump.

  3. 2 rds +17 c & j. Box & KB rx, 10 DU attempts per round, then tripled the rest SU.

  4. WOD 3 rounds+ 4 JR (20″/ 25#)
    why did this hurt so much?

  5. 3 rnds + 36 DU (25# KB)

    PR for consecutive DU (42 in a row in 1st rnd (got ugly thereafter), up from 29!)

  6. 4 rounds + 3 c&j (45#, right arm only)

  7. 4 rnds plus 50 Du, 3 bj

  8. 3 rds + 8bj @ 45lb C&J

  9. 4rds. (100SU, 30″ box, 15C&J w/ bar at 67#)

  10. pulled something in first five seconds of warmup! a new record??

  11. 4 rounds + 150SU and 17box jumps (sub 150 SUs, 18in box, 15#KB)… prob should have upped the KB weight

  12. 3 rounds + 22 box jumps rx

  13. 14 C&J shy of 3 rds (25# KB)

  14. 4 rounds + 15 Double Unders (24″ box, 25# KB)

  15. This seemed unmodifiable for my ankle at this point, so…

    FS 5×5: 67, 77, 77, 77, 89 (last set form breaking down)
    Good Morning 5×5: 45, 55, 55, 67, 67

    5 rounds of Cindy ~6:30 (relearning to keep chest high on air squats, thanks for the tip Joe!)

    1. It’s just great to have you back in the gym! Now that you’re bionic the expectations are higher 🙂

  16. 3 rds + 17 box jumps (25#)

    First time whiffing on a box jump. OW.

  17. 3 rnds + 25 C&J (24″, 35#)

  18. 3 full rounds plus box jumps and 150 singles. No rhythm = no DU.

  19. 3rnds+50 dus, 50#db from floor each rep, 30″box, at acac richmond next to the zumba class

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