Monday: Backsquats and H.Squat Clean+DB Push Press

Fin had a little too much fun at the party on Saturday



(5-10# heavier than last week, 80 seconds rest in between sets)


  • Hang Squat Clean (M-135 W-95)
  • DB Push Press (M-55 W-35)

Join Chris tonight at 7:45 for MovNat

-At tonight’s MovNat / Flow class we will explore some multi-dimensional partner resistance work to start, then skip to Floreio and learn how to perform a Role. We’ll save some time at the end for people to work on a movement of their choice. This is a great post-WOD active recovery session, so feel free to come check it out at 7:45 pm!

31 Comments on “Monday: Backsquats and H.Squat Clean+DB Push Press

  1. BS: 111#
    WOD: 8:45 (72# SC, 20# PP, and one moderately embarrassing wipeout 🙂 )

  2. BS: 94#
    WOD: 5:52 (57# SC, 20# PP) – definitely too light on both accounts

  3. Did last Wednesday’s. Jumped onto a tall desk for the box jumps, and a 50# dumbbell for the C&J’s, which made the jerks harder, but still a beast! Took a big chunk out of my shin on the table, which was not as nice.

    4 rounds

  4. BS: 84#
    WOD: 7:34 (57# SC, 20# PP) – w/ some bad form on the last few SCs…

  5. BS: 111# (still feeling heavy by the end, but apparently looking less uneven coming up)

    WOD: 45# SC and 20 shoulder press 6:11

  6. Final papers are killing my life and my muscles. Couldn’t come in today, but did do tabata something else (minus the pull ups) at home: 59 push ups, 90 sit ups, 102 squats = 251

  7. On the road in China, making do with ratty hotel gyms
    Squats: 5×5 (per leg) pistols, really working on depth and form, hoping to add weight (dbs) in coming days

    WOD: HSC @ 70# (most weight they had in the gym) and db pp @ 35#, lost track of the time

  8. BS: 75kg and first time doing high bar BS in a loooong time.

    12 AMRAP..
    12 DL
    9 HPC
    6 SH2OH
    load: 60/40kg

    7 rounds +8 DL rx

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