Wednesday: “Michael”

In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael McGreevy, 30, of Portville, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28 2005.


3 Rounds

  • 800 M Run
  • 50 Back Extensions (or 50 Good Mornings M-45 W-35)
  • 50 Anchored Ab-mat Sit-ups

Join Gretchen tonight at 7:45 to work on your Gymnastics skills.

“We will be focusing on bar work tonight. We’ll learn different types of kipping including an introduction to the glide kip, the tap swing, pull-overs, forward rolls over the bar, and do some casting work. After that we will review round-off entries, and then you will have free time to work on the skills of your choice. “

25 thoughts on “Wednesday: “Michael”

  1. 24:05

    1. *run*

  2. 21:18 rx in the rain with the heavy IM vest. I think it’s about 45 lbs. 3:05, 3:10, and 3:10 on the runs. Back extensions were the worst. RIP Michael McGreevy

    1. That is truely badass and a very worthy tribute to a great man, thank you for your hard work.

    2. Truly Badass!!! That’s what it’s about. Suffering for someone who paid the ultimate price. Nice work man!

  3. 21.45 – subbed rowing for running, GMs at 45# for back extensions

  4. I think it was 21:57 rx (w/ good mornings)

  5. 232 Double unders

    Dumbbell interval strength WOD of my own design in Ft Worth.

    1. Double under king! You’ve come a long way Woooden.

  6. 27:30 (800m row, 25 GM, 25 KB swings #45, 50 SU)

    just kinda cruised this at a nominal pace.

  7. 17:52 with row.

  8. 18:27rx, felt slow though

  9. 19 something. @work watching a clock on a wall.

  10. 21:28- combined goodmornings and ghd (sharing)

  11. 24:something (i think) (rain run, GM) + 5 stiches to the chin/i hate GMs 🙁

  12. alone at AFC – lost a little time each round running across the gym to the equipment
    right around 25:00 (good mornings; run; unanchored, no abmat)

  13. 22:10, 2 Min faster that last time, but a rowed today, which is faster than my running. The GHD suuuuucks (in a great way)

  14. 21:45 (run, run, row / GMs @ 35#)

  15. 22:48 (i think…) with row.

  16. 21:36 Rx

    also hotel room special, 100 burpees for time @ 7:36

  17. 24:57 (row instead of run)

    Probably could’ve gone a little faster on my Good Mornings…

  18. 21:02 row, back extensions
    (left lower back really tight afterwards, think my right hamstring/glute are still struggling)

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