Thursday: Double Strength III


Back Squat
(Same weight as Monday; no changing weights in the middle of sets, 45 seconds between sets)


Shoulder Press 
(5 pounds heavier than last week, 80 seconds between sets, no changing weights)

EXTRA WOD (if you choose to accept it and time allows)

2K Row for time

Compare to July 26, 2011

36 Comments on “Thursday: Double Strength III

  1. Back Squat: 5×3, 4×3, 3×3, 2×1 at 205# with tempo of 31X1 (alternated with GHD sit-ups, same rep scheme, tempo 3110)

    Shoulder Press: 5×3, 4×3, 3×4 at 105# with tempo of 30X2 (alternated with weighted chin-ups, similar rep scheme, tempo 31X1, 30# extra)

    Phew… encyclopedia entries over here.

  2. Back in the USA!!! And at CF Works in Tucson working with the Bare Bones Barbell Club…

    BS 5×3: 175# (high bar again… so weird after so much low bar)
    Snatch @75% x1x6: 100#
    C&J @75% x1x4: 125#
    RDL 3×3: 195, 205, 215

      • FIVE! but I think she could have gotten away with just 3-4 if she had pulled tighter to begin with.. they’re pretty close together. martha jeff was definitely the right call… in and out in just over an hour! thanks for the advice 🙂

  3. BS: 117# (ankle really stiff/slightly painful. not sure why?)
    SP: 72#

    Row: 8:10 (+16 seconds from PR) Better than I was hoping for at this point…

  4. BS: 165#
    SP: 100#
    (were these lifts supposed to feel easier than last week?)

    hamstrings cramped up with 800m left…..can probably thank yesterdays good mornings for that

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