21 thoughts on “Wendesday: Row+WB+Situps

  1. That hurt, 18:12 with a 14# ball. 2 consecutive double unders (PR, haha)

  2. 20:29 (1rd 12#, rest 8#).

  3. 19:15 (12# wb)

  4. Oh, bummer!! I really really wanted to do this wallballs and rowing wod, but darnit I’m traveling home today. Tragic!

    1. Similar thoughts here. . . too bad traffic was soo backed up we couldn’t get to the gym.

    2. Ha sarcasm much Hillary? Too bad about the terrible traffic Devon!

  5. 21’ish Rx

    not happy with how out of shape and injured I’ve gotten lately. going to really focus on resting some injuries, then get back in the gym and eat some good food over the next several weeks.

  6. 17:11 @ work, 40lb dumbell thruster

  7. 21-22:00? @16#

  8. 20:17 (10#)

    OMG had a breakthrough with double unders today finally finally…haha all it took was realizing the rope should go “click click jump…” instead of “click jump…”

  9. 18:13 (35# thrusters instead of wallballs, rest Rx)

  10. 20:43 rx…ouch

  11. 20:56

    sub 50 double unders for wall balls

  12. @Crossfit Nansemond

    3 x 5 DL: 175
    WoD: 3rnds of
    10 KB swings (left)
    10 Ring Push Ups
    10 KB Swings (right)
    10 Ring Push ups

    6:46 (first round ring push ups, then moved to regular push ups)

  13. 20:33 (in FL, thurs) – 800m treadmill runs for row (yuck), 10# DB thrusters

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