Monday: Working off the turkey

Just a reminder our updated holiday schedule for Monday: 5:30PM and 7PM Regular Classes Only. 6:15PM On Ramp and Free Intro are On. No 6:15 Regular or Noon Classes.

Warm up with 10 x 1 Snatch, increase weight and work on your technique.


4 rounds-NOT FOR TIME
Run 800M
10 Power Snatch-(increase the weight each round, so start with a manageable weight)

-Again, this wod is not for time, take your time on the snatch and really focus on technique. Post weights to comments.

25 min cut off

6 thoughts on “Monday: Working off the turkey

  1. Can’t make it to class today but yesterday I did another 2 x 2 miles on my hilly (250 ft gain/loss) out-and-back course.
    1st 2 miles at 70% – 13:15
    rest 1 min
    2 miles @ 90% – 10:45

    hills are nothing for this 230 lb-er!

  2. Only 5×1 snatch today (percentage pulls, 77%–>87% of 1RM): 105#, 105, 110, 115, 120. All successful pulls. Working on remembering to use my elbows on the final pull and sticking the landing like I mean it. Gonna start working off the high blocks soon…

  3. @ Nansemond Crossfit
    BS: 5-5-5 @ 155

    5 Body Weight DL (scaled to 115)
    50 Yard Empty Sled Run


  4. Power Snatch – worked up to 141# (PR)

    WOD – around 20 min, speed bump runs, 89# PS

  5. Power Snatch: worked up to 95# (probably looking at a big new PR next time)
    WOD: 800m row @ 95lbs. ouch, took me a while (~35min), need to get back on the paleo

  6. @CF Estero, open gym; stayed light for shoulder…

    PS: worked up to 55#
    WOD: 20#, 25#, 35#, 45#

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