Monday: Push Press and Power “Elizabeth”

**Regular Class times today**


Push Press

Start with ~60% of your 1 RM Shoulder Press.  Try and use the same weight for all five sets but if the weight is too heavy/light you can adjust accordingly, 60 seconds rest in between sets. 



  • Power Cleans (M-135 W-95)
  • Ring Dips

32 Comments on “Monday: Push Press and Power “Elizabeth”

  1. PP: all 5 sets at 65#. A tiny bit too light but good start
    WOD: 7:08 cleans at 77#, scaled ring dip reps to 12-9-6

  2. PP: 50
    WOD: 4:26 (45 lbs to dead hang instead of all way down, box dips)

  3. @home

    DB Shoulder Press – 5 sets of 8 @ 32.5#
    Single Arm DB Skull Crushers – 5 sets of 6 @ 22.5#

  4. PP: 67#
    Did this in lieu of Bench Press on Thursday, staying light while my shoulder works out its issues with pushing motions.

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