15 thoughts on “Which trainer plays the best music?

    1. oops! i think you should be on there now

      1. Try again.

  1. oh, nevermind – I’m not on here because this is just a battle for 2nd place.

  2. so does Gretchen get the votes for other trainers since they just use her spotify account?

    1. notsureifserious.jpg, but I’m pretty sure it’s the gym’s spotify account. I have at least 2 of my own playlists on it, and I play my own other stuff too using the radio function. I know Hargis has his own spotify account too.

      1. oh ok, then I guess everyone else was just blaming Gretchen for adding the inappropriate songs to the playlist by saying its her account and not theirs…haha

  3. Im going to put none because I have yet to hear a Motorhead song in two months.

    1. Agreed Kevin! More metal, and more louder!

      1. OK so two straight workouts chock full of metal goodness. Squeaky wheels get the grease.

  4. Gretchen for sure nothing gets me more amped than 90s Usher

    1. I just laughed so hard. Thanks for that. And as for the above ‘more metal’ comments… (sigh) “men”

  5. I totally just voted for myself. 😀

    1. On a related note, I think we can tell that Ben is the only trainer who hasn’t visited the website today. 🙂

  6. trainers receiving the least amount of votes will be required to supplement their WOD music with more cow bell.


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