Introducing Our Personalized Member Training Program

I’m happy to announce that we are offering a program that is designed to meet your personalized needs in and out of the gym.  As part of this program, we will be doing an initial consultation, designing a customized program around your needs and providing ongoing email and in-person support.  This is a great way to focus on your health through the guidance of one of our trainers.

We are incorporating a variety of assessment and goal setting programs into this and Chris Garay will lead most of the efforts behind this program.  If you would like to get started, please email and we will get you into the program.  

Here are the details of the program…

CrossFit Charlottesville Individualized Training Program

1. Initial Consultation / Assessment ($99)

  • Determine the client’s goals
    • Improve performance in a lift, WOD, benchmark, race, event, etc.
    • Body recomposition: weight loss, muscle gain, etc.
  • Performance Assessment
    • Max lifts, endurance times, gymnastics skills
    • Determine “Athletic Levels”
  • Recovery / Lifestyle Assessment
    • Sleep quality / quantity
    • Stress levels
    • Movement quality / quantity outside of gym
    • Fatigue, mood, soreness, etc.
    • Massage, yoga, etc.
  • Nutrition Assessment
    • Food and meal quality / quantity
    • Cooking and shopping knowledge
    • Blood work

2. Email Access to a Coach (included with 1/hour month gym session or 2/hour month gym session, see below)

  • Includes email correspondance about ongoing issues and goal setting

3. One-on-one Gym Time

  • Skill work
  • Gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing, etc.
  • Mobility work

Rates (sessions can either be 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on client / coach and cancelable at anytime)

  • 30 minutes / month = $40 extra
  • 1 hour / month = $60 extra
  • 2 hours / month = $90 extra

4. Nutrition Coaching

  • Quantity
  • Fat loss, muscle gain, body recomposition
  • Quality
  • Paleo-ish, local, grass-fed, read labels
  • Meal Plans, Recipes, Cooking tips, Weekly Check-ins
  • Restaurant recommendations, Traveling tips

If you would like to get started, please email and we will get you into the program.

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