Impromptu CrossFit Charlottesville Social! Tango Lessons on Friday @ 9PM

We’re going to Tango on 9PM on Saturday Night in the Glass Building (313 Second St, SE, Suite 108, Charlottesville, VA 22902) at Charlottesville Tango.

Join Lloyd Mumford this Friday, Jan. 13, for our first guided practica. Continuing in February with bi-monthly practicas, the practicas are intended as a way to give dancers a chance to practice, learn from each other, and expand their repertoire without the pressure of being on a milonga dance floor.

We’re offering guided practicas in the format that practicas are offered in Buenos Aires. It’s a time to dance, practice, try out new moves, and discuss what works – and what works better! The host, in addition to DJing, will share an idea, movement, or tool/exercise and will be available to answer questions and offer suggestions. Dancers can rotate partners or work with the same partner through multiple tandas. These are a great bridge for beginning dancers and a great opportunity for more experienced dancers to share their tips and work on refining their skills.

Jan. 13 Host: Lloyd Mumford
Cost: $10/person
Dress: Casual
Experience Level: All

Let us know if you are going on Facebook!

1 thought on “Impromptu CrossFit Charlottesville Social! Tango Lessons on Friday @ 9PM

  1. Never done or even seen tango before? Never danced before? No worries — don’t be intimidated!!! The basic step is a hug (how cool is that?) and from there on out you’re just walking — that’s right, I said “just walking.” But cool walking, sometimes even with rhythm. This ‘practica’ is a great way to learn and try out what you just learned (there is a mini lesson, I believe) with dancers of all levels, and you get to meet new people in the process! They often provide refreshments of sorts, as well.

    As someone who has been dancing tango for about 4 years now I can honestly say that it, above all other forms of dance or exercise, has helped the best with my balance and overall body control. It certainly will help you out in your other athletic endeavors — including CrossFit, of course.

    Also, it’s fun.

    (so is Sunday night salsa at Club R2…)

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