SuperFit Charlottesville 2012 Charity Fundraiser


We will be closed on Saturday and cancel our 5:30PM class on Friday, because we are hosting 200 competitors for the region’s largest CrossFit competition called the “SuperFit Games” at the Boys and Girls Club.

Why should you go?

Simply, because each athlete that competes in these events gives it their best and you get to see some serious intensity, competition and fun. Some of the athletes are famous in the CrossFit community. Some of the competitors are from CrossFit Charlottesville (GO HOME TEAM!).  And, it’s a fundraiser for charity.  For more information, head over here. It’s $10 to spectate and we hope you can join the fun this weekend.

3 thoughts on “SuperFit Charlottesville 2012 Charity Fundraiser

  1. Why is the 5:30 PM class cancelled? i think you should reconsider.

    1. Agreed. The only time I can work out during the week is after I get off work at 5. 🙁

    2. we are moving equipment

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