Tuesday: Dec. 22, 2011 Main site WOD

Spend the first 10-15 minutes working on Snatch technique, work your way up to the weight you want to use for the WOD.

Crossfit Mainsite WOD Dec. 22, 2011

  • Run 1000 M*
  • 100 HOG Push-ups
  • 10 Power Snatch (M-135 W-95)

*Run out to the 800 M turn around point and then back towards the gym, run past the garage door into the back parking lot; turn around at the back fence and run back into the gym to start your push ups.

32 Comments on “Tuesday: Dec. 22, 2011 Main site WOD

  1. 12:24 @ 72#, not h.o.g. pushups, some moderate worming at the end. Ok ok ok serious worming.

  2. At UVA Rec.

    BS 3×5: 140# (this week should be 143, but lbs instead of kilos and lower back is fried from yesterday)
    BP 3×5: 100# (should go about 10 lbs heavier next time you have spotter)
    DL 1×5: 210# (had to reset twice because of grip slip… damn chalk free gym)

  3. 100 double unders for time: 50 seconds

    100 pushups
    200 sit ups
    300 squats


    Fly 2000 miles: 6:03:21

    • hmmm maybe I’ll do this hotel WOD tomorrow morning… but it’ll be ‘drive 2000 miles’ not fly and take significantly longer.

  4. 13:42 (75 pushups, some knee, 45# HPS)

    having some problems with low back pain after certain WODs…seems related to explosive movements, maybe?

  5. 14:38 follow along: 20 reg pushups 5 hog, 20 reg 5 hog, 20 reg 15 knee, snatch @59#, 10 reg pushups, 5 hog.

  6. 14:45, 92#, huge improvement on pushups, a year ago just the would have taken me 14 minutes !

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