19 thoughts on “Thursday: Max Bench Press and Running+Double Unders

  1. Outside at home with the temp near absolute zero. Scaled the workout to a jog, not a run due to healing calf injury and 150 single unders. No spotter equals no bench press.

    Wod 10:15.

  2. No BP… shoulder is better, but not 1RM better 🙂
    WOD: 8:42 Rx

  3. WOD: 9:45 with rowing

  4. BP: 148#(PR by 21#)
    WOD: 12:47 (rowed and 150 SU/rd)

  5. 6:02 true 400m @ work

  6. BP: 185
    WOD: 10:14rx

  7. BP: subbed some elevated pushups, increased the height as I went
    WOD: didn’t check the time, did rx’d…in other news, running is off the menu for the foreseeable future, my back AND hip now feel like they’re very angry with me. Thanks relaxin.

    1. Don’t sweat it, Lydia. You’re working harder on a more important mission than any of the rest of us right now 🙂

  8. BP: 104# (PR +5)
    WOD: 8:35 Rx

  9. BP: 94#
    WOD: 8:20 rx

  10. BP: 126, possibly a PR but who knows, my last BPs were 10+ years ago.
    WOD: 9:49 (I think), rowing, mixture of DUs and 3xSUs.

  11. BP:203

  12. BP – 185, 201, 223(0), 221 (PR +4), 223(0), none, none

    WOD – 9:04 w/ 400m row

  13. BP– 77
    WOD– 18:40 w/ 150 single-unders. Did I win?

  14. BP: 225#
    WOD: 8:15

  15. BP: 158 (pr)
    WOD: 11:15 …ughh serious double under frustration

  16. no BP
    WOD: 8:20 (subbed 400m row for 400m run + DU’s)

  17. 235, 7:06, ugly on the du’s

  18. Did this one on my own so no BP.
    WOD: 11.28, subbed rowing for running. Took a while, but I actually did all the DU’s – a first for me!!

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