Friday: Muscle Up practice and Top of the minute fun!

Reminder: no 5:30PM class today.

Skill Work:

Muscle Up
Spend the first 10-15 minutes working on Muscle Ups, or the components of a muscle up


  • 20 Calorie Row
  • 20 Goblet Squat (M-35 W-25)
  • 20 DB Push Press/Jerk (M-35 W-25)
  • 20 Weighted Step-ups (M-35 W-25 in each hand M-20 in box W-16 in box)*

At the top of each minute you must stop what you are doing and complete 3 Burpees before continuing

*Weighted Step ups-R=1 L=2

-15 min cutoff 

21 thoughts on “Friday: Muscle Up practice and Top of the minute fun!

  1. 7:45 (20# DB)

  2. 6:46 (25# KB)

    Good luck everyone competing this weekend, wish I could be there!

  3. 5:46, Rx, definitely made some muscle progress, but not there yet. hope to have another mu skill day soon!

  4. 6:55 (20#, 20″)

    enjoyed muscle up practice today 🙂

  5. 6:40@RX + 3 penalty Burpees 🙁

  6. I’m posting for Paul because I don’t think he often posts. He walked in asking what exactly a muscle-up was, and in class he managed to get not only a kipping muscle-up, not only a strict muscle-up, but also an L-muscle-up!

    Fantastic job on the rings and on the WOD today noon class! See you guys at SuperFit.

    Today’s lifting:
    Clean & Jerk up to 80 kg x 3
    Back Squat up to 100 kg x 4 (high bar, full ROM)

    1. Nice work Paul, and you too Chris!

      I did one at the airport gym in Teterboro, NJ today while waiting for my next flight back to Dulles:


      Dumbbell Reverse Lunges 50#
      Weighted Pull ups, deadhang 30#
      Dumbbell Thrusters 50#
      50 Double Unders


      Got a bit of a Fran cough for a while, that was fun!

      See you all tomorrow morning, I’m getting home tomorrow morning in time for Alex’s first heat to cheer her on to awesomeness!

    2. Haha, thanks Chris, I was actually going to post for the first time. The L muscle up was kinda overbent of course. I guess a good way to work on it is to do L dips trying to keep the body really straight all the time.

  7. No muscle up attempts, don’t want to come down hard on the ankle yet.

    WOD: 3:43 or 3:47 Rx

  8. 3:50 rx

    muscle up progressions and jumping muscle up practice after the wod

  9. 7:40 w/18″ box
    Pretty happy to do 35#, but annoyed with my step ups…

  10. 6:32 (20″, 20″)

  11. Sat at UVA Rec

    BS 3×5: 145# (felt good)
    SP 3×5: 75# (failed 5th rep second set, got all of 3rd set)
    DL 1×5: 205# (backed down the weight due to grip slip/no chalk. still had to regrip once)

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