35 thoughts on “Tuesday: Snatch work and a 10-1 count down

  1. Snatch on Monday: worked up to 55 kg x 3

  2. snatch work today –high hang snatch 3RM: 120#

  3. Another WOD with Crossfit Farmland:

    5 RM deadlift = 215 (wow sore butt from yesterday’s lunges)
    3x max strict pullups = 6,5,6

    WOD: on the minute for 12 minutes, 2 power snatch and 4 burpees
    65#, light as they stressed no pressing out allowed. I actually got in some decent snatches!

  4. completed rds 10-6, 147lbs, 1/2 pu’s/1/2 rr’s, dips were a combo of dips, negatives, and red band dips

  5. 13:47 Rx. Pullups were sketchy

  6. WOD: 9:03 (red band dips, 111#, ringrows)

  7. WOD:13:30 (rbDips,111#DL,bbPU)
    Feel awesome! Inspired by Superfit Games this weekend)

  8. WOD- 11:26 redband dips, pu’s, @ 115#

  9. WOD: Finished rounds 10-3 and dips in round 2. (135, negatives and toes on ground for ring dips)

  10. No snatch work today.
    10-4+3 ring dips RX
    Wow, that was a lot worse than I was expecting!

  11. snatch to 170#, wod: 10:16 rx (also did 70 c2b yesterday, so grip was kinda messed up)

  12. WOD: 13:00 rx

  13. thanks everyone in the 5:30 class for being willing to work around the big class size today! you guys were awesome!

  14. 155 kinda sporadic power snatch, 8:21rx

  15. Snatch: worked on progressions w/ PVC pipe. Thanks Kyle!
    WOD: 15:13 (strict narrow pushups for ring dips, 133#, BBPUs)

    Might have been able to get under 15 min, but I did an extra set of 10 push ups and deadlifts before I realized I had nowhere to do pull-ups. Found a spot, rested about 2 min, then started from the beginning. Thanks to Chris and Scott for your help/encouragement!

  16. 12:34 (pushups for dips)

  17. 14:56 (pushups, 111#, RR) – PUs got a little ugly, but is my first time not going to knees, yay

  18. Rounds 10-4 (red band dips,rest Rx)

  19. Power Snatch: 137 or 155#. Can’t remember. Then some high pulls at 188#.
    WOD: 12:14@185#

  20. Snatch: worked up to 111# (pr)
    WOD: 15:41 (red band dips, rest rx)

  21. finished from round 10 to 3 ring dips. Rx, but DL @ 161# because I can’t add…

    1. meaning 10-4 plus 3 ring dips

  22. Snatch drills at 45# (ankle pretty sore from PP yesterday)

    WOD: 15:39 Rx-ish (missed the bar on a few C2Bs and ring dip lock out got ugly in last rounds)

  23. 10-6, 5 dips, 5 DL, 1 c2bpu (most dips with band, DL @133#)

    Snatch Drills with bar

  24. 14:09 RX strict pullups (which sucked)

  25. WOD: got through rounds 10-2 🙁 (RB ring dips, 135#, BB PUs)

  26. WOD: 15:48 @155 (not a lot of chest to bar)

  27. Snatch work up to 89#… For some reason I couldn’t get this AT ALL last week, but this time it felt easy (power snatch)

    WOD: DNF 🙁 139 reps in 15:00 (True Push Ups, 198#, Regular Pull Ups)

  28. Snatch: worked to 135#, worked on catching in a full squat

    WOD: 14:50 @ Red band dips, 135# DLs, C2B…getting back slow after the weekend

  29. WOD: rds 10-2 @rx, true pull-ups

  30. Snatch: messed around with full Snatch form at 95#
    WOD: 16:30, subbed 135# PC’s for DL.


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