Wednesday: Double Under Practice and an Introduction to Boot Camp


Skill Work:
Double Unders

Spend the first 5-10 minutes working on Double unders

3 Rounds

    • 800M Run
    • 15 V-ups*
    • 20 Sandbag Step-ups**

*V-up modification-while laying with your back on the floor, feet straight up in the air, crunch up and tap the bottoms of your shoes (2 taps = 1 V-up)
**You choose the weight for step-ups, if there are not enough sandbags use dumbbells (M-24in. W-20in.; R=1 L=2)
-Sandbag can be placed on your back or one shoulder
-Post time and weight to comments

21 thoughts on “Wednesday: Double Under Practice and an Introduction to Boot Camp

  1. Intro to “bootcamp”? Does this inaugurate a new cycle?

  2. 16:27 @28#

  3. 19:50(Row, v-ups, 24″box@20#)

  4. 14:49 @ 42 lbs.

  5. puppy WOD from home:
    3 100-m sprints uphill, walking rest
    3×15 V-ups just for good measure while puppy napped

  6. 14:47 (+/- 5 seconds) 32# sandbag. Still jogging on the runs.

  7. modded WOD: 16:30 (400m row, 15 V-ups with 10# med ball, 30″ box with 42# sand bag)

    quads are still shaking…love that feeling! 🙂

  8. 17:44 I think

  9. 16:22 (sub row, 32# sandbag)

    Step-ups actually felt kind of intense on the ankle – both pushing off from the floor and stepping back down on it. Glad for the rest day tomorrow.

  10. 17:55 row, 32# sandbag.
    Cold kicking my butt… Not a lot of go juice…

  11. First day back since bronchitis killed my Superfit. Lesson learned. Next time, don’t have kids or spend time near any of their snot.

    18:12, rowed, still hurts to breath.

  12. 17:35 (32# sandbag)

  13. 17:31 (32# sandbag)

  14. WOD: 14:23 w//52# bag

    Bench press 5-3-3-1-1

  15. DU’s practice: 100
    WOD: 16:27 with 42# snadbag

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