Updates, New Spring Class Time Stuff and More Stuff

New Class: 4:45PM Tuesday

Based on recent insanity, we are adding a 4:45pM Class time on Tuesdays, starting this coming Tuesday. This will be tested throughout February and if that works, we will continue it through May.

CrossFit Open and Affiliate Team

The CrossFit Open is starting on February 22nd. The Open is a worldwide CrossFit competition in which we will compete in workouts over five weeks on Saturdays and be ranked with over 50,000 people worldwide. It is also the qualifying event for regionals. I highly suggest you plan to participate in the Open. We will judge each other and the competition environment is really super fun. Even if you are new, these workouts are very approachable and give you something to train for. We will be using the results of the Open to help design our affiliate team which will (hopefully) compete in the regionals. Last year we placed 13th and this year we are hoping to place in the top 10!


Programming in the next 6 weeks will be geared towards getting ready for the open, so slightly less strength emphasis and more focus on pacing, intensity and longer lighter things.

RARE 10k

Additionally, we will be training for a 10K race with CrossFit elements on April 21st. It’s called the “RARE 10K” and will be hosted in Fredericksburg. Sign up now! Registration is only $35 and we’ll be sending a big group up to compete. Sign up and let us know if you are going in the comments.


Do you guys still want to do social events? Some options are broomball, bar night, or Tango lessons. Let us know in the comments if you like these ideas or what to do something else.

16 thoughts on “Updates, New Spring Class Time Stuff and More Stuff

  1. YES! (to socials)

  2. Hey guys, speaking of socials… my band The Anatomy of Frank is playing at the Southern tomorrow night (Thursday the 26th) at 8 pm. I have a few tickets for sale, or you could buy them at the door. It’s fun music, plus you could dance for time and call it a WOD! ha thanks! http://www.facebook.com/events/250584435008543/

  3. Another social idea. I may be able to get a decent group discount at Wintergreen or Snowshoe if enough people would like to participate in a day/overnight trip to snowboard/ski. Let me know what you think via facebook or email me: daveh@crossfitcharlottesville.com

    1. I’m interested

      1. Ooh yes! Would be fun

  4. what was the deal with tango? Wasn’t that going to be ongoing? Is it? Where? When?

    Votes for broomball and laser-tag type things

  5. Skydiving social. I can probably get discounts if there are enough folks. Great call on the Extra 4:45 class

    1. Is this another attempt to get me airborne again? I will gladly cheer folks on from terra firma. 🙂

      1. I would love to say yes and I’m excite about this one… But I’m petrified

    2. If no one else will do this w/ you. I definitely will!!! XD

    3. My recommendation is to wait until March at the earliest so that we arent dealing with ridiculously cold temps at altitude and go on a Friday afternoon so as to avoid the big crowds. Lauren, Dave and Meg make three. Anyone else?

  6. Broomball and paintball!! Woot Woot!

    1. AGREED!! skydiving? possibly….

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