29 thoughts on “Friday: Rope Climbs and Pull-ups+C&J, Lunges

  1. Thanks Chris for the awesome Spanish Wrap progression!
    WOD: 15:08 (77#, regular PUs)

  2. WOD: 14:40 (42#,BBPU)

  3. 12:29 (12 RR for PU, 47#)

  4. 11.18 – rbpu’s, rest rx

  5. 12:44rx
    …thanks for encouraging/yelling at me Kyle :)!

    1. Damn – good job. One of these days I need to do some of these WODs head to head with you guys.

  6. 17:10ish Rx

    that was a good one. negatives on the pull up bar, and jerk killed my arms.

  7. 10:27 Rx

    (first time with cleans post injury, need to invest time in some serious time in form review)

  8. 14:22?? (RRs, 67# rd 1, 62# rds 2-4)
    Having a little trouble remembering my time. I’m pretty sure it was somewhere in the 14:20s…

  9. 14:57 (RRs, 67#)

  10. At the brand spanking new, uber swanky Reebok Crossfit Back Bay in Boston:

    team WOD: 10-9-8…3-2-1 of box jumps, kb sdhp, ring push ups, up and down planks
    14:58 with two other people

    The team aspect of this WOD was weird and poorly executed and resulted in too much rest for me. I also had to use a 35# kb because that’s what the other people on my team were using. Ring push ups on my knees for rounds 10-7 and for real for rounds 6-1. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming. Not as awesome as our box, though, no matter how many hair dryers are stocked in the shiny tiled bathroom.

  11. Sat open gym

    BS 3×5: 145# (go up to 148 next time)
    SP 3×5: 76# (completed all sets, but it was close…)
    DL 1×5: 209# (felt solid, should go up in weight)

  12. 10:34 Rx’d

  13. Oly Class on Saturday

    1RM Snatch: 67# (PR)
    1RM C&J: 101# (PR)

  14. Oly Class on Saturday:
    Hang Muscle Clean: up to 50 kg x 3
    Clean & Jerk: worked up to several 85 kg x 1, including some failed jerk attempts
    Clean High Pulls: up to 100 kg x 3
    Single-Leg Split Squats: up to 60 kg x 3 / leg

    Also, on Wed and Fri this week did some 88# Turkish Get-ups in each arm.

  15. Ugh 14:45
    (2 rounds rx, took last 2 rounds down to 45# due to wrist pain)

  16. on saturday worked up to heavy snatch off high blocks: 150#
    max front squat at 267# a2a

    WOD; 800M Run, 21-15-9 of 88# kb swing (russian), wallballs, 3 rope climbs each round, run 800M… 16:15 or so

  17. Saturday makeup – 19:something
    blue band C2Bs, 45# hang C&J

  18. saturday OHS work

    5 X 5 snatch to OHS 57#
    4 X 4 snatch to OHS 67#

  19. Saturday makeup – 17:41 (rb C2B, 47# C&J)

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