Articles You Missed That You Need to Read

New Members!!!!

Read this, it’s really important to know everything in this article.

Please start posting your WOD scores to the comments section for each workout! You will want to know in the future… trust me!


The detailed, daily mobility WODs you should be doing every day on your own. Please do them if you want to hit new PRs on your lifts and feel awesome about life.


Nutrition 101 – Basics for Health Eating

Eating a Zone-Ish Diet – Understanding the Quantity of Macro Nutrients and How to Manage Excess Carbs

Post Workout Nutrition – Probably the Most Important Meal of the Day

Before/After Pics from the Nutrition Challenge Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3, Number 4

Recipe Posts – Good Paleo Eating from our Members


Intimidated by CrossFit Women – We critique unhealthy popular images about women

No Egos Allowed – The Article That Defined Our Gym Philosophy from Day 1

No Shortcuts to Success – Hard Work = Better Bodies and Sound Minds

Top 10 List for Making the Most Improvement in Your Training

Let’s Talk Movement Standards

Let me know if I forgot any good ones or if you want to submit an article!

7 thoughts on “Articles You Missed That You Need to Read

  1. All I would add is suggestions for blogs to follow. I really like what these have to say and add to my knowledge of what we like to do: , rss: , rss:

    KStar! , rss:


  2. I’d also like to add a few blogs (in addition to the FABULOUS list Eric made above!)…

  3. I don’t know where this appears on the site, but one helpful hint about posting your scores to the website/whiteboard includes using some shorthand:

    Rx – “As Prescribed” (WOD performed according to posted weights, reps and movement standards)
    # – used to replace “pounds” for weights
    PR – Personal Record
    1RM – One Rep Max

    There are other abbreviations used as well, but you’ll pick them up as you go (T2B = Toes to Bar, PU = Push/Pull Up, etc.).

    Also, the website is really helpful for keeping track of progress over time through the use of Trackbacks (links to the last time a WOD was done at the gym) and the search bar. For example, if you see that Push Press is coming up in a WOD but don’t know what weight to do, search for “Push Press” and you can see what you did last time or gauge the weights used by athletes of comparable proficiency.

    Happy Posting!

    1. I think this should be a mini-post in itself, because I suspect unfamiliarity with our shorthand is THE barrier preventing some of the newer people from posting their scores.

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