Wednesday: Muscle Up practice and Double Unders+Deadlift+Push ups

Skill Work:
Muscle Ups

Spend the first 10-15 minutes working on muscle ups, ring dips or transitions. Please share the rings, if needed.

2 Rounds

  • 50 Double Unders
  • 20 Deadlifts
  • 20 Push-ups
  • 30 Double Unders
  • 10 Deadlifts
  • 10 Push-Ups

Deadlift M-135 W-95
-If there are not enough bars use DBs for the deadlift

**10 minute cut-off**

35 thoughts on “Wednesday: Muscle Up practice and Double Unders+Deadlift+Push ups

  1. Brad: 9:30

    2x = 50 DU /135lb 20 DL /20 PU, 30 DU, 10 135lb DL / 10 PU

    1. It looks like you didn’t make any modifications to the WOD (e.g. change reps, weights or movements), so feel free to put Rx!

  2. 9:52 (89#)

  3. A good day for me. First, Im in the picture getting my lurk on in the background while Scott tries to steal the spotlight. Thanks for putting up a picture of me.

    Second: 2 muscle ups in four full attempts. Thats a first.

    Third: Thanks to Meg, who suggested, and Chris, who mandated that I break free of my suckitude at double unders by completely forsaking the single under. Scaled the WOD to 1/2 reps on DU and ended up getting a string of 4 and a string of 5 which is also huge for me. Still sucking, but not as bad. I counted my attempts on the DUs as well as completed reps but the majority were completed to standard.

    WOD: 7:49 weight and pushups to standard and aforementioned DU scaling.

    1. Nice work on the DUs and the Muscle Ups!
      And yes, that is quite the lurk…

    2. Thats a good day!!!

  4. Muscle Ups seem to be possible soon!
    WOD: 10:00 @ 99# , 3:1 SU (was actually about to start 3rd rd)
    Can now do one DU. Can a string of 2 or even 3 be far behind?

  5. At the Teterboro airport gym – nice thing to have when sitting around between flights! Only had 50# DB, so did 3 rounds. Push ups are hurtie after Murph yesterday!


    1. Wrong time.


  6. More goat work…. 5 sets of max rep HSPU 8,7,6,5,5 1 minute hold…
    WOD 5:44 RX with 225lbs DL

  7. 8:00 (67#, knees, su)
    *lighter weight, took me about 20 sec after round 1 to realize that there was a round 2…oops!

  8. 8:53 (89#, knee pu)

  9. 8:02 @ 94#

    Pretty good double under day, and soo close to a muscle up…next time 🙂

  10. 3rd muscle up ever! thanks jess!
    WOD: 8:54 rx
    DUs are trippin me up… literally

  11. Muscle ups a little shaky today, they definitely need work!

    WOD: 7:02 rx

  12. 6:20 or 6:50.. major brain fart. Sub 2x single unders, rest Rx.

    Did some double under practice after. Hard to do them with proper form (not piking or pulling knees to chest), I don’t think my ankle is strong enough yet.

    Did box jumps with 12″ and 18″ box. That felt totally fine.

  13. 9:56 (KPU) – DUs and i had some words today…

  14. MUs: Mix of strict, kipping and no false grip.
    WOD: 7:25@185#, Major brainfart after the fourth set of pushups. Completely blanked out and forgot what/where I was.

  15. Several MUs including strings of 1.5 together
    9:28 @94# severely bruised and whipped. Off day for DUs 🙁

  16. 9.19 – DU’s still slow me down, but at least I got them all per round, just can’t string them together yet. Oh, and I modified the pushups.

  17. 11:33. su, 67#, knees

  18. 6:41rx at 223

  19. 8:16 Rx (+ 10ish seconds due to timer fail)

  20. 14:20 @ 111#
    Did (50-30-30) instead of (50-20-20)……..not on purpose

  21. 13:something, kb DLs (24kg – too light)

  22. I did a makeup on Saturday. didn’t realize the WOD was supposed to be doubled. Finished first half at 5:35, absolutely unable to do another pushup… then choked out another round by 12:30 or so. Pushup FAIL.

    I did a mixture of 3x SUs and DUs, and 111# DL (shoulda RXed that) and did the last half of the pushups on my knees.

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