Details on the CrossFit Open 2012

The CrossFit Open starts on February 22nd and is an international competition.  It’s not about getting to regionals for everyone.  It’s about competing, doing your best and having fun.

1. Please register ASAP. The more people the better. Even if you don’t have a chance of doing all the workouts RX, doing judged workouts in a competition environment will push you to be a much better athlete and teach you the meaning of movement standards.

2. Workouts will be held on Saturdays at 10AM and 12 Noon. Only officially registered athletes can do the WODs during these times.We have to be finished by 11AM on Saturdays, so please make sure you arrive on time.

3. You will be asked to judge one other person if you are showing up to compete.

4. You should leave score sheets in the office once you have your recorded score.

5. You have to join the Open if you want to be on our affiliate team. We will use the scores from the open to help make our decision if we make it to regionals.

Any questions?

15 thoughts on “Details on the CrossFit Open 2012

  1. Is there going to be the same programming structure as last year, with the Open wods scheduled on Fridays?

  2. “Workouts will be held on Saturdays at 10AM and 12 Noon. . . .”We have to be finished by 11AM on Saturdays” Clarification needed

  3. I think what Hillary meant was will Friday’s WOD for the entire gym be the same as the Open WODs, as they were last year. Good question.

    1. Right 🙂 Yes, that’s precisely what I meant.

      Last year we could do the open wods on Friday or Saturday (either officially or not). I’m wondering if this year we can ONLY do the Open wods officially and on Saturday at 10/12 am, or if there are other opportunities.

  4. A friday option would be the deciding factor for me as Saturday treks to Charlottesville are often difficult.

  5. Do be aware that in the event you can’t Rx a workout, you’ll be disqualified from entering scores into the online database after that point, as I learned last year.

    1. Rather, I should clarify that while you may be able to enter a score for a workout you couldn’t complete as Rx’d, if you can’t perform the FIRST rep of a given workout (most likely due to a weight that is too heavy, unless they throw muscle-ups in there as the first movement), thus getting a score of zero for the workout, you won’t be allowed to enter that score or any others for the rest of the Open.

  6. maybe there could be prizes within the gym for competing, including a non-Rx’ed division. i think some people would rather throw a few $ into that pot instead of essentially giving it away.

    1. Ooh, that sounds fun…

    2. I’d love to do this.

    3. Oh yeah! It does sound fun.

  7. Any answers?

  8. – we won’t have any other judged times other than the Saturday time at 10AM (that’s a change.. no Noon time). if we run over that’s fine, but we need to be really efficient at 10AM so as to not run too far over. if you have a one time thing that prevents you from coming Saturday, we will make arrangements to get you a judge when you can come in to do the WOD
    – we will have a special training time open for people on Sundays, time TBA, if and only if they are active participants in the Open (finishing workouts RX)
    – if you want to pool cash for workouts, go ahead, but that won’t be part of the formal open process
    – Friday will be the Open WOD, but as we mentioned, will not count as a competition day
    – you should be ready to go at 10AM on Saturday, meaning show up at the gym 15 minutes before to warmup.

  9. Ok great, I’d love to organize or help organize the within-gym competition, if there is still enough interest.

    There would be the option to do the WOD on Friday or make it up on Saturday, we can do judged or non-judged although judging requires more planning. I think there are a lot of different ways to do “ranking”: individual or teams or pairs, different divisions or all together. I’ve done “competitions” like this (for running) with a goal-setting component, where you set a goal for what you want to get and get bonus points for attaining it.

    I really want to try my best at the Open but see no point in flushing 20 bucks. I’d prefer to save it and go next door after the final wod!

    1. Speaking of which, the Black Market Moto Saloon is open Thurs-Fri-Sat 5 pm to 1 am.

      I can help organize the within-gym competition as well Hillary. Anyone doing the WOD could do Friday during class or Saturday during make-up, and that would minimize the need for judges, correct? Having a few divisions would be great: scaled, Rx’ed, men’s, women’s, master’s. Goal-setting and points for achieving your goal sounds awesome!

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