56 thoughts on “Tuesday: Muscle Up Practice and Balls to the Wall

  1. 12:46 i think (10# wb, jumping mus)

  2. 13:48 rx
    Muscle ups took forever. Would have been a lot faster if we started with the MUs.

    Logan – good job on your first class.

  3. 11:48. Yes Andy, you are correct. It is much easier to do the MUs first. I did MU-Row-WB. 5 MU strict/5 MU jumping, 1004 meters rowing, 75 WB but the last 20 or so my accuracy sucked.

  4. 10:43 Rx
    slow paced WBs to go for MU unbroken, still wasted 1:00 on last 2 reps…fail

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    1. We have moderation now?

      1. Additional $5/ btl for a total of $10 if we get 12+ btls. Sorry for the typo above.

    2. Apparently we can mix/match and still get a group discount, fyi in case you wanted something else

  6. 14:54 (10# WB [not all to the tape], RB pull-ups and dips)

    Henceforth, this WOD shall be known as Lex’s Tantrum WOD. Apologies to anyone I came across on my warpath. :-/

    (Also, is there any way we might be able to get a wall ball rack? I’d happily chip in some funds if it meant not having to pick dirt out of my contacts anymore.)

    1. Hahahaha!!
      I hate getting dirt in my eyes too, but I’m not sure a rack would keep them from getting dirty since we’d drop them on the floor anyway…

    2. also noticed that the balls were particularly dirty today, never had that problem before

    3. When I was in Denver, D-town Crossfit had a really awesome med ball rack, you can see it in the background here:


      Looks like it was made with big pvc, didn’t look particularly expensive or complicated. I’m sure if someone asked they’d tell you about it. Kept everything nice and organized and clean! No more crap in my eye for time!!

      1. Actually, now that I see that pic, they had something really similar at Ferral Crossfit in NY when I visited over the holidays.

      2. some sort of holder for equipment is typical at places of exercise

  7. Muscle up practice- able to get in about 7 ring dips without a band
    14:30 (14#, rb dips)

  8. 100 Pullups: 3:00 (48 second PR)

    WOD: 10:45 RX – Landon’s wall balls are amazeballs!

  9. WOD: 16:49 RX!!!

    First mu wod that I have been able to rx, woohoo!

    1. I was there, it was awesome!

    2. Thanks for all of the encouragement!

    3. you didnt mention you had muscle ups.! too modest ! hell yeah lady !

  10. 11:41 (14#, box RRs and dips with toes on a box)
    Hands are still torn up, so no pull ups or false grip for me today 🙁

  11. 9:37rx, next time Dave…

    1. Haha. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

  12. 12:08 with 14# WB and red band MU transitions + dip

  13. 13:38 (10#, green band PU, box dips)

  14. 13:54 (run, 75 – 26# goblin squats (not FROM), BBPU/RBRD) – aka almost a completely diff wod :-/ cranky knee times.

    1. I need to know more about these goblin squats…

      1. hahaha woops! *goblet. though i probably resemble more of a goblin whilst completing them…

  15. 18:30–10# WB, Ring dips with blue band and ring row for MUs

  16. 14:20 (8#wb, RB dips and GB pull-ups). Not all wallballs up to standards (but 8# is a good step.)

  17. 14:14 @14# wb, scaled to 5 MUs

    1. awesome jess!

  18. 15:25-20# WB, 5 MU, 10 PU, 10 Dips

    1. Awesome work on the MUs today!

      1. Thanks man. I was so pumped.

  19. Over 10 double unders in a row pre-WOD.

    Muscle up practice: chest to rings, jump and settle into deep dip, working on butterfly style kip – kick your butt.

    WOD: 13:03 (14# WB, 20 ring rows with fee on box + 20 ring rips)
    Finished WBs at 8:18, but started to fail on ring dips (no lock out)… uhg.

  20. 11:46 (14# wb, pull ups/red band dips)

  21. 13:44 (10# wb, pull ups/ dips with blue/red band)

  22. 16:31 (I was wrong when I wrote my score on the board, forgot about that five minute delay!!) – 8#wb, 2x bbpus and rbdips

  23. Oh God…ok so I only did 70 wallballs, in my defense, I’m an idiot

  24. 14.28 (14# wb, rb dips & pu), lost a bit of time in transition b/c I didn’t know we could group the dips & pull ups in sets larger than 2 each.

  25. 15:30 (20#wb, 20PU, 20dips)

  26. 12:14 (12# wb, ring rows/rb dips)

  27. 14:12 12# wb, 10 red band MU’s on rings plus 10 C2b pu’s

  28. 15:00, 14# wb, blue band pullups and ring dips. my first post!

    1. Awesome, welcome to the boards!

  29. 14:17, jumping MU, still plugging away….

  30. Snatch work, got up to 175 (6# pr)
    WOD: 8:41 rx

  31. saturday make up WOD
    13:40 some (10#wb, ppl band pu + rr)

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