54 thoughts on “Thursday: HSPU practice and Crossfit Mainsite WOD (02/3/2012)

  1. Landon looks pretty comfy back there.

  2. HSPU: My goal today was simply to get into a handstand position against the wall. With Lauren’s and Logan’s help, I was able to do it and hold it for over 30 sec. It felt good, so why not try some push ups. I piled up 3 ABMATS and DID some (5 I think), then I did 2 more with 2 ABMATS!
    No Old Folks Home for me yet!
    WOD: 6:28 @121#, (almost all SU-2:1)

    1. Al, you are badass.

    2. Keep on trying stuff, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do sir!

    3. You have those! Congratulations! Next 1 abmat 🙂

      1. You’re my hero, Al 🙂

  3. Strict parallette HSPU (FROM) – 16, 7(fall), 8

    WOD – 6:43 Rx

  4. Parallette HSPU: 12, 12, 10 – that’s about half as many as I can do on the ground with my little T-Rex arms!

    WOD: 3:57 RX

      1. well shoot, that didn’t seem to embed like I hoped. http://imgur.com/BjNYo?tags

      2. Yep, that’s pretty close! Having a 2″ ROM is sometimes a good thing!

    1. Andrea, the WOD posted on Beyondthewhiteboard is a duplicate – it doesn’t go to the one with lots of previous results – hard to compare to the world. This is the one you want to link to: http://beyondthewhiteboard.com/workouts/48618-deadlifts-double-unders

      On another note, I last did this in April of ’09, before I went to Regionals the first time, before I could do double unders, and my max DL was in the range of this weight.

      I PR’d today by 8:28!

    2. I do NOT have T-Rex arms…

  5. (got 1 abmat 🙂
    WOD: 5:45 /153# first round + 3 then dropped to 133# (I’ve avoided deadlifts for a while, and it shows… oops)

  6. Hspu w 2 mats and kipping. 5 sets of 3. Wod 627 rx

  7. Handstand holds / free-standing handstands
    WOD: 4:36 (89# snatch deadlifts, 10 box jumps per round at 24″)
    Front squat 5×5 at 94# afterwards

  8. HSPU’s wtih one abmat kipping!!
    WOD- 11 minutes….DU’s are my goat! @ 139#

  9. Practiced handstand holds.
    WOD – 7.28 rx

    1. WOW, Sam! awesome!

  10. First time doing handstands, so I just used box and parallettes to practice (4/4/4), then spent rest of time trying handstand holds.

    WOD: 135#, 5:13, SU’s.

  11. Made up a WOD @ work: A little ladder

    50,45,…5: Double Unders
    10,9…1 : Thrusters @ 95#
    11:25…i think my breathe caught back up to me 10 mins after the workout

  12. 3,3,3 hspu
    6:26 @177

  13. First time trying HSPU but I was able to get up and hold it for 10 seconds!

    WOD: 6:12 (119#, 150 singles)

    1. Nice job on the handstands!

  14. HSPU: first time doing them w/o abmat help!! used 10kg plates/abmat set-up: 5, 6, 4
    WOD: 8:03 @ 175# … this one kicked my butt

  15. HSPUs: 6, 7, 8 (2 abmats, getting better at not falling out of the handstands)
    WOD: 4:09 (145#)

    1. nice work lex!! you crushed it!

  16. 4:16 @200#

    Great job 5:30 class!

  17. HSPU: did 3 or 4 sets with 2 ab mats, didn’t really count, know I got 8 in one round
    WOD: 5:35 (155#)

  18. HSPUs – sets of 2 kipping with plates + abmat setup

    WOD: 5:55 rx

  19. Working towards HSPUs with negatives and handstand holds…pulled out a few reps with 2 ab mats at the end (but they were very small range of motion 🙂

    WOD: 4:28 @137#

  20. TRIUMPHANT RETURN…er, something like that.

    8:45 @85#

  21. HSPU:1 abmat and 2 15kg plates: 6/7/5 I think…my kids were yelling “no rep!” at me so my concentration was off. So according to my judging team my score was 0/0/0. “no rep” is their new favorite term. Lauren said at dinner that her dessert was a “no rep dessert” which would require her to eat another.

    WOD: 6:33 – subbed 25 air squats for the double unders due to a banged up calf. 275 lb DL

    1. “no rep dessert” might be my new favorite saying 🙂

    2. Your girls calling “No Rep,” had to be one the funniest things!

      1. They think it is especially funny…a laugh riot! I wasn’t expecting to be no ripped by my girls. Funny stuff…

  22. HSPU: 10, 8, 8
    WOD: 5:45 @143#

  23. got my first “kicking up into” a HSPU (vs my usual head -> HSPU routine)! did 3 holds of 10-20s each. hoo-ray.

    WOD: 8:13 (149#)

    1. yay, Jenny!!

  24. Used 1 a mat for the HSPU and did 3 sets of 3
    WOD: 5:40 (85# and did 150 single unders)

  25. Did 10/10/5 HSPU (No kipping)
    WOD 6:16 Rx

  26. 1 30 sec hold + 5 x 3 hspu w/ 3 abmats
    WOD: 7:45 (117# – should have gone a bit heavier / 20 dus per round – w/ a 2 su,1 du, 2 su, trip on rope, 2 su, 1 du sort of rhythm, which is actually a total personal best double under best, for me)

  27. HSPU: 9, 11, 8 (on parallettes w/ 2 abmats)
    WOD: DNF back failure

  28. HSPU: 1st rnd 2 abmats13 reps, 2nd round 1 abmat 2 reps, 3rd rnd, 1 abmat, 1 rep
    WoD- 7:43 (185, mix of singles and doubles)

  29. 4:03rx, love to try it again because I had 8 DU’s in a row on the second round where I hit my foot on the second go. Rhythm gone after that… luckily DL was unbroken

  30. HSPU:did a whole bunch of singles working on FROM. No kip. Used abmat + 10k plate set up.

    WOD: 6:56 (187#, scaled to 20 DUS per round)

    All DLs unbroken, but DUs are still spastic and hard to string together. Need to concentrate on getting my form back.

  31. Saturday makeup. Thanks Scott for coaching me into HS position for the first time 🙂

    WOD: 8:38, 179#, mixed-up DU/3xSU/attempts. Go heavier on DL next time.

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