Final Updates on the CrossFit Open for CrossFit Charlottesville

Please register ASAP. I know there is some hesitation about not being able to do workouts RX or not being able to record scores the entire time.  The point is to enter a competition environment and do the best you can. You can still join us and do scaled workouts, but the amount of PRs and successes we had last year by being in a competitive environment was amazing.

Formal open workouts will start PROMPTLY at 10AM on Saturdays. That means we will open the gym at 9:45AM for you to warmup. You will be assigned a person to judge when we start and movement standards will be discussed briefly.  You are responsible for knowing movement standards before we begin. There will be a head judge that makes sure that all standards are being met by competitors.

Additionally, any athletes still ACTIVE (ie posting scores) will be allowed to workout in the gym on Sundays at Noon. These Noon Sunday sessions will be times for team WODs, working on goats, and workouts that are much more difficult than our regular programming. These workouts are geared towards getting our team the best it can for regionals. Our first time will start this Sunday at Noon for any registered athlete.

If you can’t make the 10AM Saturday time because of one-time situations, that’s fine. You need to contact me, Landon or Chris and have us judge you or approve your judging.

If you are dropping in, our fees are $20 per drop in. If you want to compete with us the entire 5 weeks, the cost is $80.

I think that’s it. Let me know if you have any questions. The Open starts in one week!

15 thoughts on “Final Updates on the CrossFit Open for CrossFit Charlottesville

  1. Are you saying the Sunday times are $80?

    1. for non-members

  2. If you’re interested in doing the Open WODs but not participating “officially” as outlined above, Chris Garay and I will be organizing a friendly in-gym competition.

    Details are pending – but most likely we’ll survey those interested to see what you want to do. I envision everyone chipping in 5-10 bucks, dividing into teams or pairs, and adding a goal-setting component for each wod.

    If interested or if you have questions – please reply to this post, stop me in the gym, or contact via email or facebook!

    1. Everyone should do some kind of Open WOD participation!!!!!

    2. What days would you all be doing these, Hillary?

      1. In terms of programming, the Open wod will be scheduled on Fridays, so you could do the workout any time on Friday or make it up on Saturday. You won’t be judged by another person, so we don’t all need to go at once like the official group. If anyone has access to another gym (UVa, traveling, etc) and needs to make it up elsewhere that’s fine as well.

        You should participate, the more the merrier!

  3. Inaugural Sunday Suicide Squad!

    1. Sounds like a good time name to me.

  4. Also, Alex and I will be in Colorado for the first two workouts – hooray for mile high WODs! – and will be at our old affiliate.

    Last year the scores could be logged anywhere, I have to assume that’s the case again right?

    1. as far as i know

  5. who’s ready to forge some elite fitness !!?

  6. Just registered. there go 20 drinks at survivor hour (or 2 downtown) 🙂 Really excited though!

  7. Can non-members compete on the team?

    1. yup, just have to be competing at our gym (or recording) in order for us to validate your scores.

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