39 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Slam Those Ballz

  1. All unbroken or you must start over.

  2. Damn! I would wreck this one! Stupid airplanes….

  3. rx weight for slam balls?

  4. 2:45 p.m. and no WOD results posted. Looks like everyone blew off the gym for Porkapalooza. 🙂

    1. I’ve been stalking too…maybe they forgot and went back to sleep on the rainy day.

    2. I have to do the WOD in order to justify eating lots of pig, like a pig. Ill be there at 5:30

  5. 13:37 (2abmats)

  6. Gym WOD: 17:25 rx
    Porkapalooza WOD: 2.5 plates (sub extra pork belly and ribs for fried chicken)

  7. 17:13 w/20# slam ball and 2 abmats

  8. WOD: 12:53 (lots of mods: 500m row for DUs, 25 russian swings at 45# for slam balls, box HSPU with parallettes, 50 OHS w/ PVC)
    Porkapalooza: 2 plates + 2 bacon brownies

  9. 12:44 (2 ab mats + 5K plate HSPU, 20#)
    new consecutive double unders pr!

  10. 18:10 rx until last du round, which was a disaster. had to go back to mostly 3xsingles

  11. 19:21 Rx.

    All the HSPU work has payed off..no way I could have done this a few months ago.

  12. 15:53 (20#, 1 abmat)

  13. Down in Stuart, FL at Be Crossfit – yea I know….

    Three minutes of pull ups: 84

    Power Snatch/HOG Push ups
    45 Burpees
    Power Snatch/HOG Push ups


    No Porkapalooza makes Walden verrrrrrry SAD!

  14. 18:23 (su’s,15#,15# db pp sub for hspu)

  15. Stopped at 20:00 for my own and sake and the sake of the 7:00 class
    25# ball
    Box HSPUs w/ parallettes

  16. 14:47 Rx

    first 50 DU unbroken

  17. 20:15. 25#. I counted every DU attempt no matter how bad. They still took forever.

    1. Oh and two plates at porkapalooza

      1. You beat me solidly on the dinner plate, but since you were unable to complete the dessert portion you were disqualified

      2. My dessert was the ten or so gourmet homemade pickles I ate throughout the meal.

  18. WOD: 19:36 (300 single unders – ugh – and two abmat hspu)
    Porkaolooza WOD: 1 dinner plate plus 1 extra rib, 1.5 dessert plates

  19. 16.14 (box & parallettes for HSPU, 20# slam ball, du’s all the way, but slow since I still can’t string them together)
    Porkapolooza – 1 plate plus a few nibbles on Mick’s leftovers, no dessert

  20. I had no idea that I would be so sore from backsquats yesterday…ugh!

    WOD: 13:27 (HSPUs with box and parallettes, 15# slamball)

  21. 18:35 @20# slams; nailed the first 100 DUs; subbed a handful of single unders for some of the last 100 DUs (like 20 or so)

  22. 16:55 (mostly su* x 3, 15# slamball, box HSPUs w/ parallettes)

    *tried every 3rd du for the first 20, but it might have taken all night to finish.

  23. 17:03 (2 abmats)

  24. On Saturday …

    16:40 (1 abmat ugly kips)

  25. Saturday– 17:58 rx
    first time doing a HSPU wod rx 🙂
    and my DUs need work…

    1. 12:06 rx (40# sb)

  26. on saturday – 19:17 (20# slams; 1st HSPU round:5 w/ 2abmat + 5 negatives, 2nd: 15 on box). hangover, FTW.

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