Friday Workout: Power Clean and Row 2K


Power Clean 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 (every 60 seconds)


Row 2k

35 Comments on “Friday Workout: Power Clean and Row 2K

  1. Are the power cleans 9 or 10 sets? Looks like we did pretty much the same thing back on 8/2/11, but it was 10 sets.

  2. PC: 115×5, 120×3, 125×2 (10 sets total)
    Row: 7:57

    I think this was the last 2K row we did:
    If so, then a 0:03 PR 🙂

    Also, is it possible to add the search option back to the website so that we can search for key terms? I had a good guess at June 2011 being the last time we did a row, but I think I just got lucky with that (also, had to go through 3 pages to get to the rowing WOD)

  3. did a recovery 5k row this morning… close enough to today’s WOD so I’ll post it here


    And my “pedestrian pace” (as my parents’ trainer called it, since I was aiming for an easy 2:20/500m split the whole time) got me on this gym’s record board. Sweet.

  4. PCs 6sets @ 140# 4 sets @ 150# failed on the very last rep 😦

    7:20.4 on the row for a PR!

  5. PC: 89# (tried 2nd set at 99#, couldn’t get under it, so went back down)
    WOD: 8:24.5 (PR by :33.4 since July 2011!)

  6. PC: warmed up to 185×1 (pr), all sets for the workout at 155.
    7:51 row (pr)

    Innwood Restaurant Mega-Sirloin on Tuesday, Porkopolooza last night, two PRs today. Coincidence?

  7. PC: 111 x 4, 116 x 3, 121 x 3

    Sub 2.5k run: 12:38 (pretty happy with this, a little under half my 5k time on that course. Really need to do some speed work to help with recovery)

    Only thing about running that is better than rowing: cars full of ladies hollering at you.

  8. PC: progression from 50 kg (110#) to 63 kg (138#),
    2K: 7:58 (PR as this is the first time I did it)

  9. PC: 126*6, 4*131 (up from 111 last time)

    2K: 8:50 (0:03 slower than December, but well slower than my 8:25 PR)

  10. Saturday Olympic lifting:
    one-arm power snatch: worked up to 40 kg x 2 per arm
    behind the neck push jerk: worked up to 60 kg x 5
    pull-ups: one-arm + (5,4,3,2,1) fingers eccentrics

  11. PC: 69#, 64#x9 (PR*)
    *I never really tried to increase my PC weight…thanks for the encouragment Kyle!
    WOD: 11:10 (:22 slower than my previous 2k time in 2010)

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