Your Launching Pad

I think a lot of people may wonder “Does CrossFit really get me results?” What do I, as a trainer think, when you come new to the gym?

It can be a scary thought when you first enter a CrossFit gym. It’s kinda dirty; it’s got weird crap hanging from the ceiling; it’s got people on the ground in agony and high five-ing each other. You stand around and someone talks to you or you ask them “hey, I’m new what do I do?” And they point you over to the corner with a bunch of guys in black jackets (only in the winter, I promise, but they are actually Yoga jackets.. think not manly).

Eventually you start training, and if you’ve never been exposed to high intensity training, you probably think your body is going to explode. You hear a little chat about some weird topics…And sometime people tell me they worry about what the trainers will think of them if they are “out of shape.”

We couldn’t care less of your shape or body type. We like people who want to learn, grow and improve. That’s the most rewarding for us, seeing progress of people who know it takes hard work to get somewhere. We are here to give you a launching pad into a new awesome experience of fitness and health. Ok, maybe not that epic, but still it’s pretty cool the results we get from our clients.

CrossFit isn’t for everyone, but for those who want to work hard to improve their lifestyle and their health, it is the best thing there is. Our trainers really know their stuff when it comes to training tricks, nutrition knowledge and a variety of unique things from MovNat, to Olympic Lifting, to how do I do my first pullup.

So come try us out  or keep working hard because that’s what matters.

3 thoughts on “Your Launching Pad

  1. 4th paragraph. I think you mean you couldn’t care less. Sorry, Pet peave 😛

    Let’s Get It!

      1. LOL. Whoops. Thanks. I have a bad habit of correcting grammar when I’m drunk.

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