Wednesday Workout: Weighted Pullups and Bodyweight Short

Weighted Pullups

5 Sets of Max Rep Attempts (30/20)


5 Rounds of

  • 10 Ring Dips
  • 10 Jumping Air Squats
  • Walking Lunge the Length of Mat

37 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: Weighted Pullups and Bodyweight Short

  1. Max PU:6(st),5(st),5(kpg),5(kpg),4(st)
    WOD: Unsure of time. 8 something? (It’s an age related thing, but it was good!)
    Ring Dips (many unassisted the remainder rb)

  2. PUs: Got about 1 strict pu for 4-5 rounds, though they weren’t pretty and I didn’t have FROM each time. Still, it’s major progress for me!
    WOD: 7.32 (rb dips)

  3. PU – 10, 5, 5 (40# vest, strict)

    WOD – 8:03 Rx — ring dips real hard on rds 3-5

    “The jumping squats were too damn high”

  4. PU: 3,3,3,2,2 w/20# slam ball

    WOD: 5:30 (10,8,8,6,6 dips)

    Good job Sam on the pull-ups!

  5. PU: 6-5-5-5-2 (strict, PU-CU-PU-CU-PU)*
    WOD: 5:26 at home, subbed push ups for dips, 8 lunges/leg in place

    *I feel my performance on the last set was adversely affected by several single PUs between sets with 1 Cat#

    • alright it took me a few reads to figure it out but I was picturing you doing pullups with a cat between your legs for weight

      • Well that’s still what I’m picturing, because otherwise no comprendo…

  6. PU 4-4-4-3-3 35# kb on my foot.

    The kb prevented my going all the way down on a few reps on the first two sets. Got it squared away for the last three sets.

    WOD 4:44 Rx

  7. Pull ups: 1 @ 16#, 2, 2, 2, 2 @ 10#

    WOD: 6:25 rx
    last set of ring dips got real nasty

  8. PU: 0x5, 14×5, 18×5, 22×5, 26×5
    WOD: 6:02 (dips a little shaky toward the end)

  9. WOD 12.1 done in Colorado!

    Alex: 84

    Me: 111

    5000′ and feeling it! Off to the mountains and the Sunlight Endurance Challenge on Saturday – 12 hours up and down a hill with a snowboard!

  10. PU’s: started w/ 16 # vest 3 kipping, 2 strict, 2 strict/ 10# wb 2 strict, 2 strict,
    WOD: 6 min. something…@ 5 dips instead of 10- last ones shallow

  11. PU: 1, 5,5,6,5 (first one strict, others ppl band)
    WOD: 8:06 (ppl band ring dips)

  12. PUs: 4 x 5 @20# (4th rep of last couple sets was not FROM)

    WOD: 7:44 (unassisted and full reps, but rings drip were not all FROM, failed lockout at top, on last sets)

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