28 thoughts on “Friday Workout: CrossFit Open 12.1

    1. PS. You still look like you’re about to take a crap on the deck.

      Well done.

  1. It’s 12.2

    And 60 for my sorry ass.

  2. 39 (45# x 30, 1 x 65#, 8 x 55#)

  3. 71 (30@35#, 30@40#, 11@50#)

  4. I knew I couldn’t hit 135#, so I did Isabel instead 😛
    3:02 @79#
    (0:35 slower but 22# heavier than February)
    Player around with weights for the remainder of the 10 minutes, but after a few attempts decided that 95# wasn’t happening today.

  5. Went into a local box today and practiced the Split Snatch.

    I PR’d at 165# a few times – not perfect, but a hell of a lot better than my failures yesterday!

    Give it a try, you’ll like it!

  6. 36 Rx. I’ll admit that some of my snatches at 135 were U-G-L-Y but I PRd at that weight for 1 rep just yesterday. My left bicep is sore which means:

    1) My form stinks


    2) I need to do more curls so that snatches don’t tax my arms so bad.

  7. Saturday WOD: Jackie 13:25 (25# thrusters, ring rows)

  8. Oly Class on Saturday

    70# snatch off boxes (5×5 and finally landed the last one in a squat, yay!)
    65# power jerks (3×5)
    105# squat clean x4(PR)

  9. 60 rx – thrilled as I didn’t think I’d get that far and I got to 60 with time left. After a few sad attempts, called it quits.

    then, Oly Class:

    5×5 snatch from blocks: 55,65,70,75,70
    3×5 power jerk: 80,90,95
    2x? power cleans up to 120

    And then I went home and ate a lot of food and it was a good day. The End.

  10. Jackie: 9:56

  11. 71RX second time around

  12. 65 rx
    i got really excited at 61 and jumped around– the waste of 10 seconds was well worth it 🙂

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