27 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Long One!

  1. vacation wod:
    1 mile run then
    5 rounds of
    10 push ups
    15 air squats
    20 bicycles
    about 14 min (mile = 8 min)

    1. Nice job! But I’d have set your goal a bit higher if I’d been there 🙂

  2. 3 rds, box HSPU, everything else Rx

  3. 5 rounds plus a little bit of a run – pushups and about half DUs and the rest made up with singles (3 to 1)

  4. 4 rounds plus another run. Counted every DU attempt. Reg PU in lieu of HSPU on the last two rounds. Sketchy form on just about every exercise in the last round..

  5. 3 rounds plus 7 C&J, 2 abmats, 55# bar

  6. Great work at the noon class today! Sorry that the construction got in the way of the running route 🙁

    1. I liked the lap around the building better.

  7. 5 rounds plus a full run, with 10 seconds to spare!

    Great to have come from Denver last night – makes breathing fun!

    I mapped out the full run around the building and parking lot and it clicked over to 400 m from door to door, so it was pretty close I think – and not getting run over by a Bobcat made it nice too.

    Great to be home!

  8. 3 rds plus 6 single unders (subbed rowing for running, mixed single and double unders, step-ups, 37# hang power cleans and jerks, mostly knee pushups, knees on box HSPU)

    one of those activities has really aggravated my hip, my money is on the jumping rope.

  9. 3 rds + 2 HSPU rx

  10. 3 rds + 10 BJs (TWSS, 2 abmats)

  11. 3 rounds + run (26 min) – 30SU, 16″box, 47#bar, 20 knee pus)

  12. 4 rds + run in 26:40 (4 rds in 24:32) (67#, 2 abmats)

  13. Modified WOD
    5 rounds: 5 clean & jerks, 10 box jumps (20″), 100m sprint, rest 4mins, increase weight on bar each round (65, 70, 75, 80, 85)

  14. 3 + 6 C&J (KPU, Box HSPU)

  15. This is the ankle WOD from hell.

    3 rds + skip the run, DUs/BJs/2 C&Js (3 HSPUs to work on FROM, rest Rx)

    Runs are getting slightly quicker but DUs are still mega frustrating. But I had a breakthrough in the last round and got 28 in a row.
    Also stepped off the box for all rounds except last one.

  16. WOD: 3rds + run (2 abmats, everything else Rx)

  17. 3 rds + about 3/4 of a run (HSPU on box with parallettes)

  18. Yay glad to be back! 3 rounds + 5 pu. SU.

  19. 3 rds + run, sub front squat @77 for CJ, everything else Rx
    pretty gun shy on anything shoulder… pushups and hspu’s were pretty slow…

  20. 3 Rnds + Run, subbed 15 True Push Ups for the 20 regular that I would have had to do

  21. on Sat: 3 rds + 4CJ (47#CJ, 10PU for HSPU)

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