9 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Heavy and Run

  1. 17:55 (115#) (slow jogged all but the last 400 m.)

  2. 18:01 @95#
    Heaviest thurster weight I’ve done in a WOD, so I count that a win!

  3. 18:05 (67#)

    My legs may never be the same after this week.

  4. 15:58 (77#)

  5. Did light and run today, being over cautious with back:
    15:48 (55#)

    1. Scratch that – it was even lighter – 45#

  6. Didn’t think heavy overheads would do my shoulder good, so:

    Squats 5,5,5,3,3 up to 235, tried to make them A2A, then 2×10 at bodyweight 160# solid A2A. Have to say that my squat has deteriorated from its previously sorry state.

    Dumbbell lunges 50#
    KB swings 53#
    C2B pullups



    Check ride tomorrow, home for the WoD and St Paddy’s on Sat!

  7. 15:11 (70#). Sandbagging. But it’s better than all the people who DIDN’T SHOW UP! 🙂

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