Upcoming Events and Schedule Changes

Upcoming Events

March 31st @ Midnight – Your Level 1 Certification Scholarship Essay is Due

April 21st – RARE 10k – A 10k Course With Some CrossFit Challenges. We’ll carpool from the gym early in the morning and head over to Fredericksburg. I’m doing it and so should you. Greg better win it. We won’t be doing a mud race this year. This is our race (it’s also about one-third of the cost). Gym programming will be geared towards hitting this race hard.

May 4th through 6th – CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals – Cross the fingers. We’ll have at least one individual and a team that makes it to regionals this year. Booya.

Schedule Changes – All Schedule Changes Will Start April 1st, 2012

Tuesday and Thursday 6AM Early Bird Class – For those who need to get out of the gym by 6:45AM, this is the class for you! We currently have an On Ramp happening at those times through the end of the month.

Tuesday and Thursday 7PM Class – HYBRID CrossFit Class – A regular CrossFit class with something extra for those who want it. Wanted to work on your barbell lifts and needed some open gym time to do that during the week? This class is for you. You need to warmup at 7PM with the regular CrossFit class, then the lifting area is yours. Experienced lifters only, please. There will be minimal trainer guidance as the trainers will still be focused on the programmed WOD.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Events and Schedule Changes

  1. Are Level 1 essays due at midnight on the 21st or the 31st? The original post said the 31st.

    1. typo.. it’s the 31st. fixed.

  2. Very exciting about the 6am on Tuesday/Thursday! Thanks for adding this.

  3. glad to see the 7PM open gym time

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