20 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Rope Climb and Heavy C&J

  1. new max C&J: 80kg/176#

  2. Hey, so since we did 11.6/12.5 this week already, how about we just count that score if we’re happy with it? CFHQ doesn’t seem to give a shit about originality or testing anything new, so what does a couple of days really matter in the big scheme of things?


    I invited several of you all out to Casa de Waldo for a Friday night gathering of food, people, booze, bonfires, and cornhole – and many of you aren’t on our FBs, so here’s yours. 6 PM-ish. Google ‘The Trading Post, North Garden’ We live three houses up from there East of 29 on Taylors Gap Rd, on the right, white house, big yard. Come on down!

    This also means I’m certainly not doing all of that thruster/pull-up silliness on Saturday morning!

    So how about it Kyle?! If not, I’m doing it at noon tomorrow dressed like Richard Simmons, so mark your calendar!


    1. Has to be judged

      1. technically if it was submitted last year then it was already judged 😛

        But… I bet you can do better this time around.

      2. Don’t judge me man!

  3. Don’t judge Richard Simmons, that’s not cool.

  4. 8 + 2 C&J @105#
    “Heavy” here is relative since my C&J is actually a muscle clean and push press… really need to fix this

  5. Jenni and I hiked up to Blue Hole yesterday, which was awesome (50-ish degree water). Opted out of the cleans today and went legless on the rope climbs.

    6 rounds, not for time:
    2 jerks (75 kg x 2, 80 kg x 2, 85 kg x 2)
    1 rope climb, 15′

  6. 8 rds + 2 C&J @ 135#

  7. Alex and I wrecked 12.5/11.6 today!

    Alex beat her goal with a 92 rep score – the last two thrusters in 5 seconds!

    And she screamed me through the last 5 thrusters for a 105.

    So glad that’s done!

    Time for meat and beer, hope to see some of you all out here tonight!

  8. 5 rounds plus 4 C&J – modified to 5 hang C&J per round at 55#, 3 rope pulls

  9. 8 rds @ 79# (4 rounds rope climb, 4 rounds of 5 rope pulls)

    Tried Rope climbs for the first time today, so that was cool!

    1. Congrats!!

  10. 6.5 Rds with rope pulls. 57# hang power clean+jerk- from the rack position so as not to lift from the ground.
    Focusing on core stability during the power moves- first time going overhead with weight since injury.

  11. Saturday
    SC: 70, 80, 90, 95, 105#
    Pull up negatives: 5x (1, 1, 1)
    Snatch balance: 5×3 (60#)

  12. no wod – worked on c&j up to 175. didn’t quite get 185

  13. 7 or 8 rounds RX

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