33 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Pullups, Running & Handstand Pushups

  1. Very sad to be missing this one! Must find pull up bar/tree branch/fire extinguisher stand pipe tomorrow! Maybe I can do pull ups off the tail of the jet….

  2. TGU: 35, 45, 45
    WOD: 10:59rx

  3. Did Monday’s on the Iron Gym, full pause at the bottom of PU, and HOG Pushups


  4. Also, quick rant: you people really should get on the Beyond The Whiteboard bandwagon. As far as I can see, Alex and I are the only ones who post on there. I am religious about it – in a not jihadist way – and it is really cool to me to be able to see quantified measurements of my performance gains, where I need to work, and how I stack up across various demographics.

    There is a huge data set out there and using that information to motivate and guide your training is really useful.

    I know it is a big $3 a month. Cut out one fracking Starbucks double whipped soy half caramel extra nutmeg and chocolate latte-thefuckever and you’re all good!

    Coach Glassman insists on measuring, and for all of his other faults, he is dead on here.

    Do it!

    1. I know that Lex uses Beyond the White Board daily, but I wasn’t that thrilled when I saw the interface. I whole-heartedly agree that performance tracking is key to improvement (and a central tenet of CrossFit). I personally keep an annotated spreadsheet with dates, weights, WODs, etc. that I use to track my progress.

      Either way, using BtWB, a journal, a spreadsheet or any other tracking device is tremendously helpful. Before I come to the gym I check my previous weights/times for movements so that I can set daily goals. Less frequently I set medium/long term goals based on my recorded performance and what I think that I should be doing.

      Setting and meeting goals is one of the most rewarding things about CrossFit, so don’t miss out!

      1. Or use the comments. No one comments 🙁

      2. I would definitely tell people to start by commenting on the web page too! I just figure that if you’re reading this then you probably are already posting here…

      3. Joe and Walden —

        I hear you guys. Definitely lots of ways to track your workouts. I agree with Joe about the BTWB interface. Check out Dans comment on your Facebook page. I’m working with him on sciencebehindsweat.com. We not only have made the interface much simpler and easy to use but we also break each workout down to comparable metrics and are able to track your progress over time and find the critical drivers of each individuals performance. Click on the link Dan provided or go to out website/blog to learn more. http://sciencebehindsweat.com/

    2. There are a few of us who use btwb pretty religiously, although with the new interface its hard to see each other. I don’t see new comments from other crossfit cville members unless I go poking around. But I think that’s fine because the site is more about nerdishly graphing your own progress rather than comparing to others, anyway.

      I also am a big fan of it, and have used it for awhile. I totally agree that its worth posting, although I don’t think you get how awesome it really is until 6 months after you start using it and you can see how much more weight you’re lifting or how much better you’re doing on the same or similar wods. The tracking features are really great.

  5. 10:20 rx except i missed full c2b on 4 or 5 and still counted them

  6. Turkish Get-ups: 53# x 1 per arm, 70#, 88#

  7. Turkish Getups: 25#, 35#, 35#
    WOD: 12:42 rx

  8. TGU: 20, 25, 35 (for the last round did 1 per arm at 25 and the other two per arm at 35)
    WOD: 11:20 (blue band PU, not all chest to bar; 2 ab mats + 5K plate for HSPU)

  9. TGU: 35 (very shaky), 25, 25
    WOD: 13:03 (ring rows, box HSPU w/ parallettes, row)

  10. 9:32 rx

  11. TGU: 25#, 20#
    WOD: 5 rounds – run (400m first two rounds, 200m the last three), 3 red band dips, 3 strict ringrows with feet on box– 11:55

  12. TGU: 20#, 25#, 35#
    WOD: 12:31 rx
    (finally moved to 15kg plates instead of 10 kg… half a centimeter more rx than before)

  13. TGU: 15#
    WOD: 13:38 (row, ring rows, knee pushups)

  14. TGU: 20, 25, 26 (Failed miserably trying to use a 30# DB on the last round. The KBs feel so much steadier.)
    WOD: 14:09 (RRs, 2 abmats)

  15. TGU: 15# (overall it was pathetic)
    WOD: 13:41 (rr’s, knee pu’s)

  16. TGU: 35,35,35 (Left) 45 (Right)… PR TGU on the right arm with 45#, left didn’t cooperate 🙁
    WOD: 10:56 (regular pull ups, true push ups)

  17. TGU – 45 KBs

    WOD – 10:57 Rx

  18. TGU – 26#

    WOD: 14:08 (abmat + 10 lb plates … incremental progress is how I roll. Next up: 10 kilos!)

  19. TGU – 20#, 25#, 35#

    WOD: 12:13 Rx

  20. Turkish get-ups: 20, 25, 25
    WOD: 13:03 (BB, 1 abmat + 1 plate)

  21. Misremembered the WOD, so did…
    21 C2B
    15 HSPU
    15 C2B
    12 HSPU
    9 C2B
    9 HSPU

    (C2B were 100% contact, but HSPUs with hands on 10k on either side abmat were rough. Shoulders shot, not FROM)

    1. TGU: 35, 45, 45

  22. TGU: 15lb- never done these before. Focusing on not fucking my back while doing them. Interesting.

    WOD: 8:00 ish?
    HSPU from a box- didn’t like these. This did weird stuff on my spine. Think Ill do hand stand holds next time and not–> flexion.
    C2B strict(no kip) w/ blue band using 2 knots(never tried this before). This was a good idea. Think I’m going to be religious about no kipping while using bands. Don’t care if it takes forever.
    First running since foot injury and feels fine.

  23. TGU: 25, 35
    WOD: Around 17:00 (1 abmat and 2 abmats)
    Did 9 C2B and 9 HSPU after the last 400 for some reason

  24. Did this today – sorry for missing the hike!

    Subbed Muscle ups for C2Bs


    Time for bloody’s and burgers!

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