New Programming Cycle, plus Free Yoga Class

Hey guys, Chris G here. This Wednesday, April 4th at 7:45 PM we are hosting a Free Yoga Class. Elizabetha Sobka from CrossFit RVA will be leading it, and I highly recommend checking it out. More interested in gaining mobility than centering your chakras? This class is for you. We are hoping to offer more speciality classes like this in the future as well. Spread the word and bring some friends, non-members welcome.

Remember, this week our new Class Schedule starts up! On Tuesdays and Thursdays we are adding a CrossFit class at 6 AM plus opening up the lifting area at 7 PM.

For April and May the gym’s programming will include some new ideas, so I wanted to briefly give you guys a head’s up:

  • Tempo lifts: In order to improve quality of movement, reduce risk of injury, and improve strength gains, we will specify the tempo with which you perform your lifts. A tempo prescription has 4 digits: _ _ _ _. The first number refers to the eccentric or lowering portion, the second number is time spent at the bottom, the third number is the concentric or lifting portion, and the last number is time spent at the top. For example, 31X1 for a back squat means take 3 seconds to lower, hold the bottom for 1, accelerate up as fast as you can, and take 1 second between reps. Interested? Check out more on tempo training from renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin.
  • Rest intervals: Occasionally, we will specify rest intervals for our WOD’s in addition to our strength assignments. For instance, we might do 3 rounds for time with 2 minutes rest in between rounds. The purpose here is to train certain energy systems, a concept popularized by 2007 CrossFit Games Champion James FitzGerald. Generally, we will target the Creatine Phosphate, Anaerobic Alactic, Anaerobic Lactic, and Maximal Aerobic Power pathways. Expect to rest longer when the work interval is shorter and vice-versa. Of course, the primary goal is to make you faster, stronger, and healthier.
  • Skill practice / Goal-setting: There will be specific class time devoted to practicing skills and working on individual goals. Frustrated by lack of progress on double-unders, pull-ups, or muscle-ups? Use these open slots of time to devote some attention to those areas where you need it most.

Thanks for reading! If anyone has any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at

6 thoughts on “New Programming Cycle, plus Free Yoga Class

  1. This all sounds so exciting!!!!

    Quick question: can we get an idea of what the strength programming will look like (e.g. backsquat on Mondays, deadlift Wednesdays, etc), if there will be some regular schedule? I ask because I plan to take full advantage of the open lifting time, and I’d hate to deadlift and press one day, just to see it prescribed the next day.

    Thanks much 😀

    1. Hey Hillary, thanks for asking.

      Kyle is going to program out the rest of this week to test some maxes we’ve been working up to, then I’ll start up April 9th. More to come on weekly scheduling!

      1. Don’t know if you guys will check back and see this, but I second Hillary. . . it would be great to know what strength stuff we’ll be working on ahead of time so we can supplement appropriately.

  2. the freestyle wrestling singlet looks needs to have a serious comeback IMO

  3. Overall weekly structure:

    M – Oly lift, squat, gymnastics skill
    T – Upper body movement, aerobic met-con
    W – Oly lift, squat, gymnastics skill
    T – Anaerobic met-con, gymnastics drills
    F – Girl / Hero WOD

    For those of you supplementing with the Tuesday and Thursday night lifting classes, I would recommend using that time to catch up on any of the lifts you might have missed on Monday or Wednesday.

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