35 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Can’t Tell Me Nothin’

  1. That video is pretty much exactly what happens out on my brother’s farm on any given day!

    Love to do this one with ya’ll, but I’m off to Goshen for some fly fishing and beer drinking with my awesome family, have fun!

  2. 11:32 (bottom of beam on short rope, 177#, 1 abmat)

  3. 10:06 (standing pulls, 155#, 1abmat + 1plate)

  4. I feel like I just competed with myself in the grandma Olympics…everything to scale
    10:10. (pull ups for rope climb, push ups for wall walks, 79#, box push ups for hand stand push ups). Taylor, you inspire me!

  5. 9:34 (9 ring rows for rope climbs, wall walks OK, 100 lb DL, 3 ABMAT HSPUs)
    after work out was able to do three 2 ABMAT HSPUs.
    Feeling AWESOME!

  6. 21:20 (let’s call this a skill workout)
    reg. rope climbs, 1/2way wall walks, 197# dl, 2-3 abmat/parallettes/box for HSPU’s

  7. WOD: 12:05 (rope pulls, 1/2 way wall walks, 177# DL, box/parallettes,)

  8. Hurt my back on DL warmups. Went to failure on everything (v-up instead of DL, box pushups instead of HSPU) for 12:15 and called it quits but I didn’t really complete a set of any movements except for rope climbs.

  9. 12:53 (rope climbs, but only touched the top of the rope, not the i-beam; walk walks, but chest didn’t touch the wall; 155#; hspus on a tall box with parallettes)

  10. 8:12 (325# by accident and paralletes for handstands)

  11. 9:56 (226#, box HSPU with paralletes, wall walks were not really FROM 🙁 )

    1. Oh… on the bright side, first time touching the top of the I beam 🙂

  12. 11:59 Rx

  13. 11:55 (155#, 2 abmats, touched the middle of the beam on rope climbs)

  14. 7:32 w/ DL @ 275

  15. 13:50

    Rd 1 Rx except for not touching the top of the beam. I can do it, it just terrifies me. I admit it.
    Rd 2 Rx on the wall walks and hspu. 295 DL and still only touching the bottom of the beam. Grip fail on the last ascent.
    Rd 3 Rx on wall walks and hspu. 275 DL and did 20 pullups instead of rope climbs

  16. open lifting

    Work up to max hang clean – 209# (PR +9)

  17. 14:14 @ 185DL. A mix of RX and scaled.

  18. WOD: 12:32 Rx, although those deadlifts took me forever. I think this one needs a name, I like it.

    1. what’s wrong with “can’t tell me nothin’?”

  19. 9:30AM – WOD: 7:50 (lots of mods for sore wrist — 9 ringrows for rope climbs, 12 v-ups for wall walks, deadlifts at 160#, box HSPU with parallettes)

    7PM Lifting – 6×2 purple band dips
    5 sets of power snatch + OHS + full snatch at 55#
    5 sets of full clean + push jerk + power jerk behind the neck + split jerk (55#, then another 5 sets at 85#)

    And yes, I was in the gym twice today. I just love you guys so much 😛

  20. 10:27 (i think) @ Rx rope climbs, Rx WW, 220# DL, box parallette HSPU

  21. 9:39

    rope climbs, except for the last 2 (could not get feet to grab the rope towards the end), sub push ups for wall walks, box parallette hspu, DL 125#.

    could have gone heavier on the DL, and probably should tried for wall walks.

  22. 11:46 (8PU for WW (stabbing back pain at 45 degrees upside-down, frown.),153#, 2 abmat HSPU)

  23. I’ve started following some of your programming here in Zurich on open gym days, so I’ll be posting here a few times a week 🙂

    11:38 (165#, 1 abmat + 15# plate)

    1. That makes me smile

    2. Hi Sarah!

  24. 11:17 (199# DL, FROM wall-walks – chest to wall, almost FROM HSPU – still not quite hitting abmat, touch bottom of beam on rope climb)

    forgot the order so last two rounds went: rope climb, wall walk, deadlift, rope climb, wall walk, HSPU, deadlift, HSPU

  25. forgot to post!

    10:10 (6 rope pulls, 8 strange parallette knee pushups for wall walks, 10 53# kb DLs, 18″ box HSPUs)

  26. 10:15 Touched bottom of beam, (rope too thick there, guys), 2/3’s up on wall walk, 133# DL, 1 abmat but didn’t touch 1/2 the time, just wanted to get lower than 2…

  27. Saturday makeup

    325# DL, and parallette HSPU

    Then, Lynne with ring rows at 160# BW


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